Cat On Back; Bee Died

So, I haven’t gotten much better. Just maintaining the same, really. But I am at home taking a little break from the everyday insanity and getting to know the cat a little better. So that is good. Did you know she wasn’t a fan of Neil Diamond? The nerve! But you know, it’s not like I can hate her for that. She’s too cute.

Sorry for the sick face.

This is her new favorite place to sit. Unfortunately, it takes claws to get up there. And God help me if she spots something worth tearing off after. Like a bee this afternoon. It’s 41 outside and a bee showed up. Mother!

Ow! Ow! Ow!

This is a real action shot that I took at the precise moment the cat saw the bee. Notice my forward leaning and wincing posture as she dug her claws in my shoulder, readying to pounce? Yeah, I bleed.


Long story short, the bee died and the cat tried to eat it. Pretty good story, huh? This is what Theraflu will do to you. Make you blog about absolutely nothing.

Really, the point of this post is to share that my first article was posted on Review The If you care to read it just click FizzGig and leave Brian some love on his blog. He’s going to be a papa!


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  1. My cat is not declawed and when I am watching TV he likes to sit in my lap. The other day he saw a fly in the house. That one was painful. I thought about declawing him myself right there.

  2. Hey it’s me again. Just got back from reading your article. Love the pic of your elbow and the Ford Taurus….nice. I used to work for Kmart back when they still had Super Ks. Halloween was always the best. Kmart screwed alot of things up, but even here in NY, they got Halloween right by keeping it simple.
    There was a Linen and Things that closed this August. Not less than 3 weeks later, it is a Halloween store. They really do occupy the body of dead businesses. I think you should challenge yourself and become Alex Rogan for Halloween. Finding all the parts for that costume would make for some nice blogposts.
    Excellent article, well done.

  3. Hey it is me one more time. I just realized my comment above makes zero sense unless you read the article you wrote. So, for the commentors yet to come: Please do not think I am on a weekend furlough from the home.
    ok I am out. Word to Big Bird.

  4. I watched a cat once play with a grasshopper for about 30 minutes then eat it. It was quite fascinating.

    Harry used to have a cat and a dog and when they were a puppy and a kitten he would hold them on his shoulder like that to bond with them. I always thought that was cute. He would go around the house like that. He told me about it they were grown when I met him.

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