Cat On Back; Bee Died

So, I haven’t gotten much better. Just maintaining the same, really. But I am at home taking a little break from the everyday insanity and getting to know the cat a little better. So that is good. Did you know she wasn’t a fan of Neil Diamond? The nerve! But you know, it’s not like I can hate her for that. She’s too cute.

Sorry for the sick face.

This is her new favorite place to sit. Unfortunately, it takes claws to get up there. And God help me if she spots something worth tearing off after. Like a bee this afternoon. It’s 41 outside and a bee showed up. Mother!

Ow! Ow! Ow!

This is a real action shot that I took at the precise moment the cat saw the bee. Notice my forward leaning and wincing posture as she dug her claws in my shoulder, readying to pounce? Yeah, I bleed.


Long story short, the bee died and the cat tried to eat it. Pretty good story, huh? This is what Theraflu will do to you. Make you blog about absolutely nothing.

Really, the point of this post is to share that my first article was posted on Review The If you care to read it just click FizzGig and leave Brian some love on his blog. He’s going to be a papa!



I’m sick. I am achy head, stuffy nose, congested chest sick. Usually I am the healthiest one around and never understood how people were so susceptible to these annoying little viruses. But not today. Today I have been kicked in the balls by a rhinovirus so hard, I am seeing stars and speaking in a high A. Just look at me yesterday afternoon driving to the hospital before school practicing my duck calls.


Healthy and happy as a horse! Little did I know that by the night I would be fighting a fever and looking like this:


Cheese and rice! I look like I just fell off the roof. Everything hurts and everything is loud. It just so happens that my neighbors upstairs have a combined weight of a 1989 Dodge Shadow so you can only imagine the creeks and groans and thuds happening right now. I swear, any minute a fat leg with a high heel is going to come crashing through the ceiling. If that happens, I’m keeping the shoe.


What are you so happy about, fucker? You are about to get sick! Turn around! Ugh….I never listen to myself.

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