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Welcome to my first web series, “Spooky North Carolina”, for the Halloween Countdown here at VeggieMacabre. This has been an ongoing project that has tried and failed for a couple of years but not this time. I have finally managed to go to enough places, include enough people and get the proper equipment to make this a success that I hope can continue for Halloween seasons to come.

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The first episode we go to the infamous, Devil’s Tramping Ground, located in Chathum County, NC.  Just about everyone around this state knows about the spot where the Devil himself is said to appear and walk the Earth. It is a perfect circle about 30 feet in diameter with absolutely no vegetation within the circumference.

Well, most would ask, what is the big deal? There are ton’s of lawns that have that problem.

True but it is a pretty strange to have a spot that is surrounded by plenty of vegetation right up to a perfect circle. Many believe it’s a true vortex rather than the Devil’s thinking spot which is very odd and has been documented for hundreds of years, baffling scientists and attracting plenty who worship the occult.

Over all, it’s a fun urban legend whether you believe or not.



I am no stranger to the restaurant, Moon River Brewing Company, located on E. Bay street down by the Savannah River. It’s a place that I will always visit when in town, even if it’s just to get an Apparition ale to-go. (You can get beer to-go and drink it on the street while…shopping.) But usually I stick around for a while to enjoy the company of the living. AND THE DEAD!

Was that too cheesy? That was too cheesy, wasn’t it? That was too cheesy.

This trip, however, was a little different from most because not only did I come for another Apparition ale but I was on a mission to include this place and others in the Halloween countdown series, “Spooky North Carolina”. I know, I know, I know… it’s a different state, but when it comes to material that’s close to a beach and great beer, we can all make an exception, don’t you think?

I was hoping to capture the feel of this place by shooting a video mixed with spooky background music and clips from Poltergeist. Not that I am lazy, but I didn’t plan on making anything out of this trip other than a few videos without commentary. Boy was I pleasantly surprised to get the invite and go where few people can, thanks to the sweet staff of the Moon River.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 4.52.07 PM

It’s a spooky place whether you believe the stories or not.  Just about every person who works there has had an experience so just in numbers, it’s really hard to argue that this is only a rickety old building. There are documented duels, murder, madness, plague and the hundreds who died on this property, so it’s a wacky place.

In this episode, we start in the basement and end up in the attic, which is way more than I expected to get and am very grateful to the staff for the fun addition. There are some scenes from the show Ghost Adventures that airs on the Travel Channel because they did one Hell of a job capturing the feel of the darker areas. It helps guide you to where we were and why.

I also need to give thanks to the awesome girl who held the camera for me. It must have been a weird proposition but that’s why I am in sales. A.B.C.!


Hey there! I have finally edited a few new additions to the series “Spooky North Carolina” and I am finally ready to release a few. Okay, post a few. Who do I think I am?

Anyway, this episode we are down in the most haunted city in America, Savannah Georgia. The first stop is to a beautiful place which has some of the most iconic statues that are recognizable throughout the world, the Bonaventure Cemetery. The most notable of the statues is Gracie, a little girl who died of pneumonia back in the 1800’s. It’s a weird thing but it’s the only grave that is gated because so many people visited her spot after witnessing the statue crying tears from people remove the coins and trinkets left behind. That’s kind of heartbreaking. You can’t help but wanna give her a hug. So, like the sign says, I left a few coins because that’s her thing. A ghost that is a coin collector? Sure!

Next, we paid a visit to the spot that started my whole fascination with the paranormal, The Pirate House. It was early and the staff was just opening so I had to time the video shots just right but lucky for me, the bartender was great and had no problem helping me with a quick interview.

Enjoy this short episode. I am sorry the audio is weak. I need to learn to speak up and not be bashful when there are people around. I have a duty to you!


Man oh man, I have been a busy beaver lately. Work always seems to wait until I specifically ask for a break to go completely insane. A little unknown Murphy’s law is “Don’t countdown to Halloween; just acknowledge it’s coming.”. I never take my own advice and end up over promising.

So, here is my latest episode in the series, “Spooky NC” where a friend and I poke our noses around a very odd house located right down from where I live. I have always seen it driving through the little town of Kernersville but until recently, I never had a reason to ask about it. I am glad I did.

It was built in the late 1800’s and nicknamed a “Folly” because of the crazy price tag attached to the building process and the fact it’s just an odd design in general. Every room has its own distinct personality, shape and size. It’s as if a seven-year old drew up the blue prints. I can see how many people in the Körner family thought this was a something that could eventually be the downfall to the family name.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 2.56.59 PM

The house itself sat boarded up and abandoned from the 1960’s through the 1980’s until the city decided to restore it to the original condition and use it for holiday events, social gathering spots and tourism. Since then it has been a pretty popular place and a money pot for the little city of Kernersville, NC. But it also came with something else. Unexplained noises are common there to the locals who walk past the old house at night. They report lights from inside the closed building and the police have a special numbered call when the motion detectors trip the house alarm.

Last year a paranormal investigative team spent the night there and found some pretty convincing evidence like kids laughing from the bedrooms and actually recorded what sounded like a cocktail party on the top floor where plays and parties were held. On their way out of the house early in the morning over half of the lights mysteriously came on as they were backing out of the parking lot. Creepy.

So, that’s a brief and shitty history of the house. Now I want to talk about what happened when we went there.

The house closes to the public at 4pm on Saturdays but will stay open for just a few people who might want to get ghostly evidence if you ask nicely and donate a few extra dollars to the Körner’s upkeep fund. And that’s exactly what I did! I dragged my poor friend there since she likes that sort of stuff anyway and it was just us in the house for a good thirty minutes while the two staff ladies went to their office across the street. I had the camera and my friend snapped pictures on her phone as we made our way through the different levels.


I didn’t get a spooked feeling or the creeps but I will say it’s a house like no other that I have been in. It almost didn’t make sense structurally. Every time you stepped it echoed and creaked so I have no idea how anyone got a moment of rest there. When editing this I decided to leave the audio out and overlay it with music because all you hear is deafening footsteps and breathing. And that brings me to the only thing we think we witnessed. Or think we did.


Okay, so remember when I was saying that we were the only two in the building? Yeah….that’s the top of someones head looking over the railing two floors below us. I absolutely did not see that when I snapped this picture and when I showed it to my buddy, she screamed as if there was a spider on her head because we were both absolutely positive we were alone. I am not saying one way or another if this is a ghost but I can be sure of one thing, it’s not a person hiding in the house and somehow tip-toeing around.

And why didn’t I see that when I took the picture? It’s crazy. I guess you would have to be there to fully understand there is no way for another person to be in that house without either of us knowing. The stairs alone would give you away!

I’ll leave it up to you. Here is my short video that starts with a festival up in the North Carolina mountains and some of the people there were far scarier than any ghost could be. Enjoy!


We are in the pipeline, folks. T-Minus ten days and counting before we switch from jack-o-lanterns to turkeys and trees. It’s hard to believe we are in the last third of the month but…we are. So let’s do it right.

Tonight I am reviewing a beer that takes all things pumpkin to a higher and more sophisticated level. I usually shy away from reviewing such beers because it will attract the beer snob who picks apart the video and scoffs at he fact a guy like me can have two cents to throw. If you are reading beer jerk, expect to be pissy. But, I wanted to shed some kind light on Rogue Pumpkin Patch Ale because of the way they make it. It’s a farm to table way that I love. Real pumpkins from their farms make this mild and sweet beer all the more enjoyable.

Also! Also my pal Dave tells a spooky story about a notable haunted bridge only miles from where I live. He’s the type that is pretty serious so I 100% believe this tale. Now whether it was a ghost, who knows? Sometimes the perception is as fun as the reality of an event.

Enjoy this video and expect another catchup post later tonight.



I have been busy working hard so I can keep the power and internet on to bring you idiotic videos and rants. Aren’t you fortunate? Today, I am posting a video about an impromptu excision to South Carolina. I was SUPPOSED to be down in Mobil, Alabama with one of my dear friends, Travis, but thanks to life, I only made it about five hours south instead of the planned ten. Oh well, we made the most of it.

Watch this video and see what a spooky naval ship and a Man vs Food challenge have in common.

Oh yeah, the spicy tuna rolls had the texture of cookie dough with the temperature of your cheek. And the number Ten Roll was so hot it made the back of my skull hurt.


Here is a little trip to Savannah to revisit a little haunt where I actually had a ghostly experience. I swear I am not crazy! You may remember this from a couple years back and the infamous photo I took which showed a dark figure moving from left to right. I did an investigation with the TV show Paranormal State and even these seasoned ghost hunters couldn’t explain it other than to say that it was a legitimate experience.

In this video we go back to that spot in the basement and talk with one of the historians about what happened that night two years ago. To my relief, she was very much used to these sort of reports and had a few of her own.


Down at the most southern tip of these United States in a paradise called Key West, there is a saloon that used to be the site of execution turned mortuary turned brothel. This is Captain Tony’s Saloon where you can sip rum drinks next to the holy water bottles that are wedged in the wall.

Here is our tour and if you can ignore the crappy singer, you will learn what makes this one of the most haunted spots in the island of Key West, Florida.


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