Painting With Satan!

You know I am a sucker for bizarre art. Much to the chagrin of my previous roomies because they had to stare a Dante’s Inferno while brushing their teeth. There is just something so captivating when you see the dreary imagination poured out on canvas as if to say, “that’s what’s in my head“. art_bobross satan

But really, I think there is a special kind of madness in the old school metal album covers and movie posters. I remember them so fondly as a child and by fondly I mean, they terrified me to the core. So many times did I venture into my Dad’s kid brother’s room and stare at his Iron Maiden posters or wander into the horror section of the video rental store only to be tortured later on at night with visions of the Creep of The Creepshow. Who knew I would grow up to be an Maiden fan and watch Nightmare on Elm street like most people watch National Lampoon’s Vacation? These images haunted me but they also intrigued me. After all, what we don’t understand frightens us the most and we, by nature, almost certainly quest to find out more.

The Album Art:


Black Sabbath! This is an album that Mom and Dad probably won’t be buying you for Christmas. No, there is no mistaking this album cover for anything  other than pure evil. Just to bring this into mom’s home meant I was risking a church intervention if caught. It had to be kept at my buddy’s house who’s parents didn’t mind such “racket”. I remember looking at this and almost hearing “join usssss. Join usssss”. I tell you what, I would have loved to be in that meeting when the album art was introduced. I bet the Devil himself was there.


“Put them in the iron maiden.

Iron Maiden? Excellent!

Execute them.


Toning down but not by much we have one of my all time favorite bands and albums. My uncle loved Iron Maiden and I remember Eddie, the mascot shown above manipulating Satan, terrified me to no extent. And in reality he did his job because my Uncle posted him on his door to keep a certain 7 year old out. Man, I wouldn’t even walk down the hall. But we are cool now, he and me.

Cannibal Corpse

Just kidding. Seriously, they are beyond sick when it comes to album art. I don’t know who draws that stuff and I am sure I could look it up but really, it is so gross I don’t want to. But be my guest. This is a family show here. 😉


Mcculley, Lookout behind you! There’s a ….really big…you…there.

I am not a huge fan of Korn but man I remember when this album came out. There is something so creepy about images like this. They are hard to explain and can only be related to a bizarre dream. You know the ones. Like everyone is a female Tim Curry and your fridge is filled with boxes of Stoffer’s Stovetop Stuffing. All you can do is shrug it off and decide not to eat cheese puff before bedtime.

Movie Posters


Fuckin’ shit that is funny! Excuse my language but come on. I have never seen Beeker’s legs before. That warrants a swear or two. In this case two.


The Shining was a good movie. Hardly a scare but more a psycho thriller, Stanely Kubric does a brilliant job of sensory overload with sounds and light. This poster is a fine example of the creepiness Stanley could relay. This is one of my all time favorite poster art because for some reason, it chills me. And I love that.


I think many know my feelings about the trailer to The Creepshowbut the poster also has a resounding affect too. It seemed to be everywhere in the early eighties and it tortured a young puss of a kid like myself. Even today when I see it I am a little nervous not to stare too long. It reminds me of a dead old woman and to me, that is scary. End of story.


Zombie was always in the VHS rental store growing up. I mean, no one ever checked it out! It just sat there on the shelf, looking at me as if to say, “I know you are here to rent Space Camp but before you do, I want you to have nightmares of me all night long”. It is an Italian masterpiece, that  I know today but back then I really hated this video. Little did I know it has a scene where a zombie and a shark actually eat one another. Holy crap!


Jesus Christ! Run!

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! I hear you loud and clear. Zombie is absolutely amazing. The wood splinter-in-the-eye scene still gets me. Definitely one of the best zombie movies ever.

    They really don’t make movie posters like they used to. There used to be so much experimentation in the 70’s and 80’s and they weren’t afraid to make something really surreal or just frightening.

    Being raised hardcore holy-roller pentecostal, I wasn’t allowed to listen to any kind of rock and roll or metal. My family would make the kids go to these live shows where preachers would play records backwards to expose the back-masking and all that. But, since I was always naturally drawn to everything creepy from Day 1, the more they talked up how evil and forbidden it was, the more I wanted to hear it. I remember going to my uncle’s house and flipping through a book he had about Satanism in rock and roll and it had pics of album covers from Motley Crue, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, and a bunch of others. The more I saw it, the more I wanted more. It looked so cool! When will people ever figure out that the more you make a big deal out of that stuff and talk about how dangerous and wrong it is, the more attractive you’re making it sound.

    1. That is so true. When you oppress kids when they are naturally curious and condemn art in any form, all it does is inspire rebellious actions. I’m kind of glad the folks did that, actually. 🙂

  2. Beaches encapsulates every 7th grade slumber party I ever attended. We seemed to watch it every time, and all those girls…myself included…cried like idiots.

    Luckily that movie is out of my life forever. I have a self-imposed a “Beaches” ban.

    1. i have seen Beaches. I have seen it a few times. All not by choice. And it is kind of sick, but I liked it when Barbra Hershey died. But if I rewrote the script, Bet would have gotten the ax. And I do mean ax. (hee hee hee)

      1. I like Beaches. It’s one of the few chick movies I can tolerate. Probably just because I’ve seen it so many times. My husband, on the other hand, makes retching noises if I try to watch it.

    1. That is a holy tinity. Mine are The Burbs’, The Breakfast Club and Uncle Buck at the moment. The Burbs’ is a constant but the other two chang with the seasons,

      Great attention to detail! 🙂

      1. I just bought The Burbs last weekend. It was in a double feature with the Money Pit for $7 at Walmart. I remember the neighbors kind of scared me when I saw it as a kid.

  3. You are one of the few to highlight Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Bravo and this was worth the trip. Thanks for the convo the other night. Stay horror, Will.

  4. “where everyone is a female Tim Curry”?!?!?!?! You are without a doubt insane, and I love that about you, my perfect Monday monring laugh 😉

  5. I wasn’t really into heavy metal when I was a kid I got into alternative rock and heavier music when I was about 14. I listened to pop music until then but have listened to alternative rock ever since. I remember the Snoop Dog and Dr Dre videos scaring the shit out of me as a kid. I think it was because they were so sexist and offensive. I couldn’t believe some men thought that way. Now I am pretty much desensitized but because of my own curiosities.

    I grew up watching horror movies they were scary but it was fun being scared. Now watching those types of movies they are so cheesy and stupid but they are still fun to watch. Like the Child’s play movies, Dr. Giggles, any Stephen King movie etc. they scared me as a kid but now they are laughable but still fun to watch. Kids are gullible morons.

    1. It is fun to be scared. That’s why I love them too. They have this amazing effect on your senses that no other type can bring. Great point, Jodi.

  6. Just stopped by to let you know you are the wind beneath my wings…

    Your talk of female Tim Currys made me think of this Aphex Twin video:

    Sorry in advance!

      1. Sorry I made you shower.

        I just read your comment about your kitten on x-e – and almost fractured my brain trying not to laugh at work.
        Patrick Swayze died, etc… Bill: I got a kitten. Wow. That was so awesome.
        I tried to answer the phone but couldn’t talk. Back to straight face. Business time!
        Oh, and she is very tiny and cute!

      2. Oh, what a douche I am! That was pretty embarrassing. Glad you found the humor in my folly. I do this often so hard hats are suggested when we hang out.

    That there is some phreeky shit, I tell you what.

    The album Cover that freaked me out as a youth-
    Ozzy’s The Ultimate Sin…
    I would sneak into my brother’s room, eyeball the cover for 5 seconds, freak out and run out… only to do it again half an hour later.

    And my major challenge as an artist at the moment is trying to Capture the Horror in my artwork.
    I’ve always been a cute-and-fuzzy artist.
    Even when I’m drawing decapitated bunnies and demons of the highest order, they always look cute and cartoony.
    I’m trying to step away from that, so in the process I have to ask myself-
    what is scary?
    And that causes quite a bit of soul searching.

  8. No way – that was seriously great.
    I’ll make sure to bring my safety glasses as well, in preparation for an encore to your “grandmother!” performance.

  9. I still remember this one time when I was maybe five or six, we were at the doctor’s office and I saw this dude with long black hair wearing a Megadeth t-shirt that scared the shit out of me. Also, that Creepshow poster used to get to me, and I used to tread carefully past the horror section in the video store.

  10. Ahhhhhhh I sooooo feel you on this, except instead of movie posters or album covers, I used to beeline straight to the horror movie section when we went to the video store and pore over EVERY. SINGLE. GOREY. MOVIE. First the front, then flipped it over and soaked in the screen shots on the back. I’d beg and beg to rent them out, but it always came down to either The Secret of Nihm, Labrynth, The Neverending Story, or Mary Poppins. All good, but I wanted blood and guts.

    Ones that I still remember:
    Fright Night ( MOTHER EFF!
    Sleepaway Camp (
    April Fool’s Day (

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    This kind of clever work and coverage! Keep up the wonderful
    works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my own blogroll.

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