Ninja In North Idaho?

Why didn’t anybody tell me the master of martial arts lives not only in the same state, but in the same area as me?!?!? Here I drove 2,400 miles thinking that all North Idaho had to offer was bears, moose and possibly Bigfoot. Oh how wrong was I! In this great state of Idaho, a young man holds the power and knowledge of some pretty frickn’ sweet moves. If you generally skip the YouTube videos on here I urge you to reconsider. It will change your opinion on the ability of the human body……and mind.

I know you are laughing right now but hear me out. Dude is punching while weighted down with at least 5lbs. Can you imagine when those beasts are released? And did you check out the facial intensity? It is like his eyes can wield the power of Earth Wind and Fire. We are in the presence of greatness my friends.

I could live without the commentary but if I was filming this I would be in awe too. Perhaps it’s the height of the kicks or the almost round, round house kicks. I might be ignorant to the fighting style but I have to find a comparison. Or at least a look-a-like.

Maybe. The intensity is definitely there but the execution is different. I wouldn’t compare the two like apples and oranges. More like apples and salad tongs.

Well, the equation is coming together but it’s still a bit off. Perhaps if we combine the two together and include massive head trauma we would get…

Perfect! It’s shockingly perfect. The Great White Ninja of North Idaho and his dojo/backyard is only a few miles from my residence. I must seek out the master and learn his ways.

This guy has a great imagination. You can almost see his creative world and the imaginary predicament he is in. I bet in his mind he is surrounded by 5, no, 15 guys and he is warning of the intensive training he holds thanks to the three “Kung Fu and You” instructional videos.

“You guys don’t want to tangle with me unless you want a little bit OF THIS!!! AND SOME OF THAT!!!!”

Thank you Idaho Ninja. And thank you dickhead neighbors.

12 thoughts on “Ninja In North Idaho?

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  1. wow…
    that was like…

    It was like watching Sidekick- the Voyeur Version…
    with a fat Johnathan Brandis.

  2. I know, I had a MAD crush on the kid when I was a gal and now, just thinking about it set me on a rail that is now totally wigging me out.
    Why you gotta bring up DEAD shit, mang?!

  3. One of the things I love about you Bill is you are very respectful. You try not to judge people. You try to appreciate how different everyone is. I also think that is why life is so great, and if everyone were the same this life would be very boring. He obviously takes his skills very seriously. Punching with those weights looks like great exercise that can be done in only a short amount of time.

  4. If you do find this kid make sure you tell him about the dickhead neighbors so he can go over there and kick the crap outta them for making him look like a tool on the internet.

  5. yeah, i was thinking, what a bunch of pricks. those are the kind of guys that get shot by kids like him. but then my commentary might not have been much better if i got to see this in person.

    as funny as it is, i give the kid credit for being brave enough to do that in public. to each his own. i just hope he doesnt think he has real skilz and get himself in trouble on the way home from his job bagging groceries.

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