Ghosts: Maybe?

Ok, let me throw out a disclaimer before you read this. I am normal and I put science and reasoning before all oddities and paranormal conclusions. BUT, it is fun to think the things that go bump in the night might actually be spooky. So, read this with a level of skepticism, as I only believe what I see. I just find it fascinating.

Have you ever watched the show Ghost Hunters on the SciFi channel? I love this show and it’s not because of the scare factor. Really, it’s neat to watch blue collar folks take a hobby to an epic scale and then get thrust into celebrity status by doing what they love. Jason and Grant, the founders of TAPS (The Atlantic paranormal Society) and plumbers for Roto-Rooter, travel around the country with a few other members “debunking” claims of paranormal happenings. Sometimes they are able to do so but at times they can not. There is nothing cooler than watching their evidence of paranormal anomalies. Check this out from the St. Augustine Lighthouse. INSANE!

Yikes! I have been to that lighthouse and I can attest to the fact there is no way to fake this video. Unless of course everyone is in on the hoax. But that isn’t likely. I like to live in a world of blind naivate’ so let me believe in that.

The next video is also from a Sci-Fi show called Ghost Adventures. Now this chilled me to the bone. I like to think that I am an even keeled person and all that is on TV should be looked at through an eye of skepticism but what these guys film had me believing. I don’t know what’s going on in these south western ghost towns but jumpin’ Jesus it was frightening. Mainly because you can hear the sheer terror in their voices that you know is legit. I have been in real life situations where I have heard grown men scream in a way that I have never heard in any movie by any actor. I heard them scream that way in the documentary and that alone frightened me very badly.

You can’t believe everything people tell you and I understand that. I don’t understand why people would make up stories though. Personally I would be embarrassed if I was dealing with a problem of no specific origin. I mean, who would you turn to and what would people think? It’s not like you can walk into a church and fill canteens full of holy water. Plus, the people who dabble in the occult and paranormal, for the most part, can be eccentric at best.

The next couple of videos is from a British documentary and I must say it is creep as hell. You be the judge but I can’t say that it is hooky. The dude being choked in the beginning looked kind of funny but the ninth minute of the first video was just cool. I’m sorry, but that looked as ghostly as anything I have ever seen. And the pictures at the beginning of the second one just gives me the heebs. I’m glad I am writing this at night, alone on a mountain in a rainstorm. I think I just saw Scuzzlebutt.

Sorry about that last part. I hope you didn’t spill something on yourself. Fuckin’ eh, I did.

So if you are asking yourself, “why is this dude writing about such a ridiculous thing”, I will answer, “because I want to assmaster!” Just kidding. But seriously, I have had an experience and it has had me thinking for sometime. But most of all, it has been comforting. Do you think that is crazy? So here is my story.

I have been to Savannah, GA no less that one thousand times. Shit, I used to live there when I was in the Army. But it has only been the past few years that I have taken interest in the history of the old city. And it is a dark and macabre past. Did you know that most of the city is one giant grave yard? They just buried people where ever back in the day. Only the rich were given Christian burial privileges. So Savannah is known to be the most haunted city in America and it was there that I became a believer.

It happened here at The Pirate House. I knew about this place and the fact real pirates used to drink here as well as the ghost sightings but as many times as I had been there before, no luck. Only a fat bill and over priced beer. I dragged my poor ex-girlfriend there every time we visited and she had to put up with my dumb questions about peoples’ experiences.

But last year I went on business and I was able to pop over there at 10pm for a quick few Ghost Ales (excellent). They close at 11pm so I was the lone person at the long bar. I kept my dumb questions to myself because the bartender was busy closing down and didn’t seem like the chatty type. I couldn’t blame her. So, I half payed attention to the game on the flat screen at the opposite end of the bar and flipped through my Blackberry.

Then I heard someone running down the steps, very fast and loud, just out of view where the TV was. The figure stopped smack infront of the screen. I didn’t look right at him but kept flipping through old messages on my phone, quite aware that this rude figure made a better door than a window. Finally I put my phone down, picked up my beer and looked to see who was blocking the view and there was no one there.

I felt like I was floating. Finally, I have touched the ethereal plain. I can’t remember if I was holding my beer or I put it down but just as I was about to close my open jaw the bartender kick the double doors open from the kitchen, holding a glass rack. I about jumped out of my skin. She saw my face and just ginned.

“You saw something, huh?” Her candor towards the matter was about as shocking as the experience itself. I told her what happened and she smiled and nodded the whole time. When I told her about the loud noise of running down the stairs she stopped me and asked me to follow her to the end of the bar. I did so and when I turned the corner every hair stood on end.

There were no stairs at all. It was just a wall and an old wine barrel with a model ship on top. She explained that before the kitchen expanded there used to be a staircase to the upstairs but that had been removed years ago. I think she felt that I needed another drink so she and I went to another bar and proceeded to get drunk. I needed that.

The more I thought about my experience the more comforting it felt. Maybe there is something beyond death? I am hard pressed to believe that when we die there are pearly gates and a list but maybe we do go on? The thought that is disturbing is whatever came down the stairs, stopped for a good five minutes and I don’t think it was looking at the TV. It was looking at me. Goooood God that is creepy!

Do you think I’m crazy? Have you had any experiences?

Sleep tight!

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  1. I watch Ghost hunters from time to time. I’m an Atheist but I like to think that ghosts exist and most people that have stories about ghosts are telling the truth. It’s kind of like I don’t want to admit I believe because I feel if you believe in ghosts you have to take everything else with it. You have to take that there is a God and an afterlife etc. along with the paranormal ghost aspect. But also I hate John Edwards with every fiber of my being. He needs a through ass beating.

    I have heard of pets freaking out because of ghosts, babies staring at a corner, and someone asking what they see and them saying “lady” also this one person said that they were in bed, something woke them up out of a sound sleep and them feeling a weight on the bed they are laying in like someone is sitting there and then looking up and seeing nobody and the weight going away. Also several people finding things they knew they put in one place in another. I don’t think that odd socks coming out of the dryer is something ghosts do though šŸ™‚

    There is this woman that used to run a daily newsletter I used to read in my email that loves this stuff. She loves Halloween too. She purposely lives with her family in a really old house just to see spirits. She also loves the show Ghost hunters she never misses an episode.

  2. I agree. Even though I don’t have a religion, I feel freaked out yet mysteriously interested in whether or not ghosts/the paranormal really exists. Anywho, I think those videos almost made me piss my pants… Hahha, I was stupid for even contemplating whether or not to watch them, considering it’s late at night.

  3. It was about a year ago to the day when I went to Savannah for the first time and saw the creepiness of the place. You left out the fact that not only is it one big graveyard-due to hurricanes, yellow fever, wars, voodoo, pirates, etc- that many of streets are also graves due to the fact that the Northern soldiers would dig up the graves (esp. in Colonial Cemetery) to bury their fellow soldiers in or they would empty the tombs to have a place to sleep in the winter. Just damn creepy. My favorite legend of Savannah is the one where the dead mistook someone as the angel calling them to heaven and now they have to roam the city in unrest until the true end of days. Brrrr….

    I want to go back sooo bad šŸ™‚

  4. Well, you already know what a big fan of Ghost Hunters I am. And I must say, I want more than ANYTIHNG to have a personal paranormal experience. So needless to say, I’m a little jealous of yours…

    I’ve always wanted to go on a paranormal road trip, visiting reported hot-spots in the area. But from what I know, the PNW doesn’t have very many. If you hear of any, let me know… šŸ˜‰

  5. The British ones are some of the most convincing ones I’ve ever seen. But I think I’ll always hover between believing and this stuff and thinking it’s bunk. Still, it’s really interesting.

  6. I believe in it, but have never had a scary experience myself. A few weeks after my father passed away I believe he did things to let us know he was around, but nothing that scared me.

  7. So I believe in the afterlife and all that stuff but I think they have better things to do than walk around haunting people and/or places. For that, I don’t believe in paranormal freaky things. However, that being said, you take me to some supposedly haunted place at night, flicker the lights and I will most likely pee my pants. Go figure.

  8. I used to attend a private College, and the building I spent most of my time used to be a Gentlemans’ Club. I tell you boy… freaky shit went on there.
    Not NOW- but I can feel it… in the past… bad things happened.
    Maybe not murders…. but you can feel the not-rightness. The heaviness. The weight…
    Now- I’ve never seen a ghost, but i can feel things…
    I’ve never been able to explain it…
    but like…
    you know how dogs won’t enter certain areas, and horses balk at weird things?
    That’s me.
    I simply REFUSE to enter certain places.
    So-I had a hard time attending my classes there, I refused to go ANYWHERE ALONE.
    Even to the Bathroom- no way. I would run around like a madman so I could get from one place to another just becuase of that heavy feeling. When I was around people, it wasn’t that bad…
    I would nearly cry when I had to attend my basement classes. These classes were set up in the old Burlesque hall- place still had the damn stage, and all the backstage rooms… and OH FUCK DO NOT MAKE ME GO INTO THE OLD BOILER ROOM.
    It just didn’t FEEL RIGHT being there. So, SO wrong.

    Because of this natural feeling I have, I refuse to beieve that Ghosts exist.
    Mostly becuase…
    once I admit they do-
    then they’re gonna have NO PROBLEM letting me know they’re around and start doing scary shit.
    In fact… I think just by admitting this out loud, I’ve doomed myself.

    And I know I sound like an idiot…
    but really, totally honest.

  9. Just visiting from Pammy’s site… but I have to tell you, I’m a believer. I’ve had my own experiences. Have you ever watched Paranormal State on A&E? Love it, along with those you mentioned, but I don’t watch it late at night.

    You know Juli, I have. I don’t know what to think about it? I am such a skeptic about shows like those. I need to give it another whack. Thanks for coming by Juli!

  10. Interesting stuff! I, like you, consider myself normal (except for the fact that I’m insane), but I love this kind of stuff. I keep a skeptical mind and dismiss most claims, to be honest, but I do like the Ghost Hunter show. The clip you showed is one of the best I’ve seen. Usually – what I like about the show – is they seem to debunk most cases, which I think is a bold move for a show like that: You have to consider their target audience. It makes the cases that have no ready explanations that much more interesting.

    I’m a little more skeptical about the other things in the other two clips, but the mist, and the photos with the baby and that long, string like apparition were interesting.

    Thanks for sharing your experience too. That sounds like a fascinating, amazing thing to have happened, albeit pretty scary. Still, something I wish would happen to me sometime.

    Watch out for Skuzzlebutt.

    Yeah, I wasn’t sure about sharing that because I didn’t want to come across any odder than I am, but it happened. Thanks for coming by!

  11. Hey Love Chuncks,

    I had no idea that you post on this because I did the same thing a few days after you. My own Wednesday night indulgence.

    I’m the Reverand Al Sharpton of ghost shit. In other words, I’m a ghostly/haunted house media whore. I watch all that crap. Vastly entertaining.

    Go check out my post when you have a minute.

    You know Galveston..a coastal city about 50 miles SE of Houston is pretty damn haunted. Considering the worst hurricane in US history practically levelled the place in 1900 and what Ike did to it a month ago, the sheer number of it’s hauntings is hardly a surprise.

    It’s funny, the vibe in Galveston is a little “witchy”…not unlike it’s big sister, New Orleans.

    By the way, Savannah and it’s ghosts are on my to do list.

    Later William…it’s good to know we also have this in common


  12. Dammit. It’s only 12:51 pm and I’m already terrified to go to sleep.
    I buy into this shit, hook line and sinker.
    I’m now afraid to get off my couch and I’m looking suspiciously at every corner in the room.

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