The 2008 Fall Beer Review

Well, I guess it is that time of the year again. The weather has changed from warm and humid to cool and crisp. The sweaters are pulled from the Tupperware containers under the bed and the leaves on the trees begin to show off bright reds and oranges as a sign of their yearly demise. Kids are back at school, college football has begun and the Fall prime time shows are in full swing giving the perfect excuse to dip out of a lame date.  But most importantly, the Autumn beers are out so lets go drink some beer!!!

This is the 2nd Annual Beer Review for Veggiemacabre and I think I will continue it from now on. I have fun doing it and oddly enough it is one of the bigger Google hits on the stat counter. Tonight I am going to start with two beers that I am familiar with. Unlike last year I think I will review a few more but for my liver’s sake and your ability to understand what I am writing sake, I will start with two. So let’s begin.

So here are the first two beers of the season. On the left we have the ol’ standby Harvest Moon from the infamous Blue Moon Co. and on the right we have Broken Rake from the Pyramid Brewing Co. When I saw these at the Wal-Mart in Spokane (*shudders*) they were sitting on a pallet far removed from the open cooler. I am pretty sure these two six packs were meant for display but no matter. They went in the basket and and I tore out of there like I was stealing diapers and baby formula. I think I’ll begin with Harvest Moon. And yes, I am writing in real time.

I love Blue Moon and really, as far as “heavy” beers go, this is as heavy as I drink at a restaurant. It is a great summer time beer and the fact that an orange slice compliments it so well you just have to love it. Nothing in the world will make me more disappointed than a bartender who neglects the orange. It’s as big of a faux pas as forgetting the lime in a Dos X. We are lucky to live in such a forgiving country because a forgetful mistake anywhere else could result in cane lashings or an amputated pinky.

The Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale selection is very different than the summery Blue Moon in many ways. The body is much heavier and the taste is more along the line of an IPA. For those not familiar with an IPA it has a little bit of a bitter bite to it. (say that three times fast) Just a swig and my palate transports me to corn mazes and pumpkin patches. I think it might be the cinnamon which is really noticeable. Unlike the Blue Moon, there isn’t a fruit in mind that will compliment this so you can be free of the snide comments in public about drinking a ‘fruity’ beer. I give this a ‘B minus’ only because I have ruined my beer taste on Michelob Ultra and I have no right to even write a beer review. I speak the truth.

Damn I have some E.T. looking fingers in that picture. “Ooooooouuuuch.”

Anyway, this was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting much since I am unfamiliar to Northwestern beer companies but man, this was awesome. Broken Rake’s Amber Ale far exceeded my expectations and in comparison to the Harvest Moon, it kicked them in the balls. The amber was same in color and body to the Moon but the taste was sweeter and oddly enough lighter in body. A plus! This calls for a celebration in happy beer surprise. (insert Chinese accent there) Let’s carve something!

I tell you what, if you are in a Wal-Mart and you are buying two six packs of beer, a pound of pretzels and a whole pineapple, you are going to get looks. Whatever, I had a mission to accomplish. Originally I was going to carve a potato thanks to the suggestion of Mystie but seeing how I would be drinking and playing with knives, I needed to keep the target a little larger. So this is what I will be hacking up.

I don’t know why a pumpkin has always been the autumn tradition for carving? I have to be honest, pineapples are much easier to carve, you can eat the insides right away and above all else, it doesn’t smell like an old folks home. Yes, I have been to an old folks home that smelled like an inside of a pumpkin. Anyway, I think this will ward off evil spirits just as well and it provides a healthy amount of vitamin C while you are carving.

Awesome! Ruthless Toothless Paul the Pineapple in all his glory. Perhaps I should find this sad that it is a weekend and I am drinking alone while carving fruit. Nah, what else would I be doing? I think I have given these two beers a fair shake and I have to say that I recommend them to anyone who wants to put some buzz into the season. I guess I should put a disclaimer that states not to drink and drive or operate knives and stabbing weapons like I just did. So there you go. Next week I will be reviewing two more and these are my favorites so stay tuned. But for now I will go throw pineapple out in the woods for the wild turkeys or Bigfoot and sit in front of the fire as I finish off the rest of the Broken Rakes.

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  1. I LOVE this blog. It’s always so much fun to read. No wonder it’s on the blogrolls of most of the other blogs I read.

    My suspicion about why it’s pumpkins that get carved is that pumpkins have a hard thick shell and aren’t much good for anything else (except pie). You can’t really say the same for butternut squash.

    Foolish of me to ask this without knowing your beer history, or “beerstory”, but have you tried Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat? It’s easily the most interesting, tasty beer I’ve ever had.

  2. That last pic makes me want to light the fire at the condo (and by ‘light the fire’, I mean flip the switch on the wall that turns the electric fireplace on) and cozy up on the couch w/ a good book. In my sweats. With a mug of cocoa. And Pippin…

    *sigh* I love the fall.

  3. Ummm…if you’re not gonna finish that Harvest Moon I’ll take it off your hands. I’d never pass up a moon…of any kind. Heh. I am quite fond of the Blue Moon (yes, of course, with an orange slice, silly) but I must say that beer with a hint of cinnamon scares me. Alot. I like my beer like I like my men – smooth, dark and foreign. Bwahahahaha!

  4. Thanks…when I scrolled down far enough to see your Jack-o-Pineapple I spewed Coke onto my keyboard. Damn, that is funny.

  5. “the Wal-Mart in Spokane (*shudders*)”…yep, I was just in that very Wal-Mart a few months ago and I agree. Love Paul the pineapple. He kind of looks like a tribal head hunter staring you down in the last picture.

  6. I saw Broken Rake recently and considered buying it. Now, that i know it’s not so bad I may have to get some. I also want to try Budweiser’s American Ale. I think it’s only out for September so I need to get crackin’ on finding it this weekend!

  7. Thanks for the recommendations Bill I’ll have to keep an eye out for these!

    And Ruthless Toothless Paul the Pineapple….classic!!

  8. Leinie’s Sunset Wheat is veeeeeery good, esp with an orange slice.

    That is easily the cutest pineapple I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  9. That is a rockin’ pineapple! Man, what a super comfortable picture at the bottom there.

    I’m not much of a beer drinker, but mainly because I haven’t really tried to venture beyond Miller Lite or PBR. Maybe I should give a Fall beer a try. Thanks for giving me suggestions on where to start.

  10. Crisitunity – Thanks! I’m a fan of yours too. I’m going to try your suggestion even though I tend to shy from Wheat beer. I always feel like I am having a hay fever attack. aybe it’s the grass clippings?

    Pammy- 🙂 Go UCLA!

    SH- I need a Pippin. Then life would be so much better.

    Lazy D- Have at ’em! I always share beer with my friends. That’s just who I am.

    Maleesha- Sorry! I hope the computer is working.

    Blue- And you didn’t stop by? Wait, I wasn’t here yet. But still, no going to Spokane without stopping over. That’s an order.

    Annette- I’m glad you liked it? Your man still going into the USMC?

    DC- You need to try Broken Rake. Yummo! I’ll keep an eye out for the Bud seasonal brew.

    Dan- I highly recommend the both but look for the Broken Rake.

    Amy- I’m on it. Is that a micro brew?

    DJ D- It is cozy my friend. You should try a few of these. Preferably around a bond fire on a chilly autumn night with Echo and the Bunnymen in the back ground.

  11. it’s a brewery here in wisconsin. i wouldn’t say it’s *too* micro. i don’t know if you’ll be able to get it in idaho, but if need be, i can mail you some.

    leinie dot com

  12. I was really disappointed that pumpkins have yet to come in to stores here, because I want to try pumpkin pie again this year and hopefully manage it without as much expletives, mess and time.

    I have this fantastical delusion of being efficient in butchering the pumpkin and managing to both carve it and use it for a lantern. I think I’d be better off drawing a face on a carrot.

    The pineapple is a great idea and it’s prickly sides should prevent vandalism.

  13. “Preferably around a bond fire on a chilly autumn night with Echo and the Bunnymen in the back ground.”

    See, now you’re speaking my language.

  14. in your ET hand picture, I can almost see the red glow of your giant freak-finger….lol (and this coming from the girl with giant alien hands herself 😉 )

    PS: your pineapple is cool, but I feel like he should be sitting inside a windowless van in an elementary school parking lot, with a sack full of lollipops at his side…know what I’m sayin’? 😉

  15. dohopoki You are so funny!! I was seriously laughing for 5 minutes straight. You are awesome.

    I love the last picture. It is like a corona commercial but rustic. About the beer? Well I don’t have much to say about it but I did read the whole thing.

  16. romi41, It’s perfectly fine as long as you’re not out cruising for itty bitty kiddy titty. I’m just sayin’. I wouldn’t be surprised if sometime in the near future I saw you on Dateline talking to Chris Matthews.

    “Mrs….uh…41 is it? I have these chat logs here from something called a Veggie Macabre. Can you explain to me why your van is parked in an elementary school parking lot? Oh, I see you brought some things with you there. You got a carved up pineapple, some lollipops, a Jonas Brothers CD, oh…and is that Mike’s Hard Lemonade there? Now exactly what were you planning on doing with all that? And this Veggie Macabre, is this some kind of ring of perverts? What exactly are you people doing with vegetables anyway, aside from carving them in to fun shapes to lure unexpecting children?”

    “Billy did it.”

    “I see. And who is this Billy, exactly? Is he someone who made the mistake of getting into your van?”

    “No, he writes this blog, see…and then DJ D said…”

    “Oh, so there’s a DJ involved now. I tell you what, before you sink further into this little pit of lies you’ve got going here, why don’t you step outside. There are some authorities who would like to speak to you.”

    “But, I was just funnin’!”

    “Yeah, it’s all fun and games until somebody gets into a van and has something done to them involving lollipops, Jack-O-Pineapples, and the Jones Brothers that leaves them scared for life.”

  17. What the? What did I say? Matthews?? See, I know it’s Hansen. I watch it all the time. You perverts have got me all turned around. I can’t keep my political commentators straight from my internet predator people. Crap.

  18. Yes, my husband is leaving for basic in November if all goes well. It’s going to be…interesting living alone for four months since I’ve never lived alone before.

  19. Uhm… Bill?
    Don’t hurt me….

    I was in Spokane last weekend.
    Well, like- for an hour while I caught a plane…


    I guess I owe you one.

  20. LMAO at DJD..and you’re right I would SO blame it all on Bill and his supposedly innocent veggie carvings…meanwhile I’d run out the back door and get tackled by the cops, in true “To Catch a Predator” style 😉

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