Choppin’ Broccoli

When I eat broccoli I still pretend they are trees and I am a giant. I just wanted you to know that.

15 thoughts on “Choppin’ Broccoli

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  1. OMG, I still can’t read your blog at work. Every time you post, I think to myself “I’ll just check it out really quick, no biggie.” And then I am stuck trying to muffle my laughter so I don’t draw attention to myself.

    All that to say, that kid’s face is PRICELESS! I keep staring at it and snorting. People are starting to stare…

  2. While essaytch shouldn’t read your blog at work, I shouldn’t read while I’m eating…but I do everytime. Just when I think I pull myself together I take another look at the pic and lose it. Hilarious.

  3. Looks like my little brother when he was that age.
    Gawtdamm- I’d be the same way if an Ass came screamin in through the car window…

  4. I like how the boy’s pinky is extended outward; it’s as if every last inch of him is standing on end from fear….as for the broc-talk, it’s the craziest thing, last night I spent an hour chopping frickin’ salad so I could have a week’s worth of salad for “work lunches” (ya I’m cool like that), and the good ol’ broccoli was a big component of the mixture! 🙂 ..hmm…but now that I think back to that hour of chopping up the broc in “tree terms”, err…is that the same as chopping up a forest? If so, I am not a friend of Mother Nature (and I’m not sorry about it).

  5. Oh, Bill. You know I love you but I had JUST gotten that damn song out of my head after watching some SNL special like a week ago. Now it’s there forever 😉

    She choppin’ she choppin’ she choppin………

  6. Squee, I have that song in my head now too. I hate myself.

    Allison- Will now. I start from the top though. I don’t leave any stumps.

    KB- Max and I have a lot in common.

  7. That pic is hilarious. I used to hate broccoli when I was a kid, but I can’t get enough of it now. Same with mushrooms. Can’t explain it.

    That pic reminds of whyI have an irrational fear of ostriches. When I was in kindygarten we took a field trip to a zoo and one of them accosted me and snatched my bag of peanuts right out of my hand. They still make me nervous.

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