10 Things I Have Become Aware Of In One Week

 The other day I was asked if I am self aware. I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t aware. I am, however, very tuned into the strange little things that are around me. This has become more and more apparent since I have blogged about mostly that for a year now. It is also apparent because I have been asked more than once “besides you, who thinks about that stuff…”. So maybe I am not completely aware of me but the randoness of life never misses my attention. Perhaps I have an attention disorder.

  1. I passed a guy last week while walking to my office after lunch. He was walking and eating corn on the cob. He was also in a suit, obviously going to an office as well. I have never seen anyone eat corn on the cob while walking in the city.
  2. I counted 34 “uh’s” in a presentation this guy gave at work. And I completely missed the point of the meeting.
  3. Last week I met a gentleman who believes that UFOs visit the Earth regularly. I asked him if he thought aliens would be too weird looking for humans to accept. He asked me if I thought Yoda looked weird. That made a lot of sense to me.
  4. I have seen this bike more and more at the running park. One question: How do you start the riding process?                   

 5. We are breeding kids to be wusses.

    6.  It has become clear that I am the last one to figure out that Bill O’Rielly is a real jerk and Fox News is really caddy. Can a news channel be caddy?

    7.  I notice when other guys check out girls’ butts and cleavage. Then I wondered if people notice    when I do it. It turns out they do and I am bad about hiding it. Maybe I am a little self aware.  

    8.  People who are assholes or idiots at the bar are most likely the people who rarely get drunk. I call them the “Friday after nine o’clock crew”. And I hate them so.

    9. No matter what the noise level is in a public place, the volume will always dim at the exact point you say “penis”, “vagina”, “herpes”, “prostitute”, “left testicle” and “I’m awesome”. I don’t know why that is but it’s definitely paranormal.

   10. Actually to be completely honest, I am only aware of nine things this week. I can’t make a list that has nine items or I will get a rash. I wasn’t aware that I have an issue with odd numbers like that until now. Hrm, I guess that is 10 after all.

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