VeggieMacabre Is One!

It’s true, VeggieMacabre is a year old! Funny how time goes by so fast, you know? I can remeber when I was inspired to move to WordPress thanks to The Pilver, namely Kristiane. Since then you have been witness to some pretty odd posts but you keep coming back and for that, I thank you.  Actually as much as I love writing on here I really love reading the posts from those on my blogroll. I think I have the smartest people on my blogroll and even though I haven’t met anyone in the flesh I feel like I have made a lot of great friends.

 So here is to the first year and to many more! And for a celebration I will make firework sound effects and let Nathaniel lead the party. I like to dance too, Nat.

*Skeeeeeeeeee CABLOOOOSH! crackle crackle crackle*

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