New News To Know!

I have been mulling this over for over a year now and finally I have finally started it. Today I am kicking it in to high gear and launching an interactive fitness website. I know there are a billion million fitness websites out there but I hope to seperate this one from the rest by basing it loosely on VeggieMacabre style humor and making it completely interactive. So far I have two private business and one corporate sponsor so I believe that will force my hand into taking it very seriously. On top of that I hope to include the various “who’s who” among the fitness celebrity circuit. I have to get a hold of the guy that juices everything.

Right now you can see the outline blog at MacabreFitness. Notice how I kept the macabre? I will see how well that is received. The website’s blog will be linked on VeggieM so while I build the actual site you can go there to see how the progress is going and check out the linked sponsors. I have the very best readers in the world and I hope they can add their stories to the site. Like I said, it will be interactive.

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