Happy David Bowie Day!

I’m starting something and I need your help. This time of the year is really short on holidays and I end up falling into the “too excited for Halloween too early” dilemma that happens every August. So I am going to combat that by revising the calendar and adding my own holidays to get excited for. Today is David Bowie Day. Is it his birthday? I don’t think so. I just declare that today, the eighteenth day of 2008 to be international David Bowie Day.

(the worst drawn party hat ever)

So this is where you come in. I want you to pick a day on the calendar and create your own holiday other than your own birthday. I will put it into my Outlook calendar and it will remind me a week before the day arrives. Then I will write a whole post dedicated to your holiday and we can all celebrate together.

So for now, you can listen to my favorite David bowie song, “Ashes to Ashes”. And tonight I am going to rock the Labyrinth and poke fun of Jarrad’s hilarious horse riding outfit, minus the horse. Happy David Bowie Day!

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