Where Did You Go? Part 6

I guess it is time for another installment of “Where Did They Go” so I can have an excuse to cruise the world of IMDB and Wikipedia searching for those random few who rarely get the spotlight anymore. It’s part curiosity and part obsessiveness because I don’t want them to be forgotten. I have always been the one to remember the supporting cast or the scene that no one cares about. Really, that’s pretty much the whole theme of this blog; the odd and random that people don’t or shouldn’t think about. And we’re off….

“But i didn’t know you were going to be giving me electric shwocks!”

Steve Tash was the poor student who fell prey to Bill Murray’s experiment on ESP for five bucks and 80 volts. Actually if I’m not mistaken he told Venkman we could keep the five bucks. Regardless, he gets and A + when for the gum being shocked out of his mouth. Besides Ghostbusters, Steve was in a few movies like Stephen King’s/ John Carpenter’s Christine, Beach Balls and Snowballing. (I don’t think I want to know what “snowballing” means.) I am pretty sure you can find Beach Balls and Snowballingon Showtime around 3am. He has even been in a couple episodes of Diff’rent Strokes as the character “Weasle”. But other than that it looks like Steve’s career in acting came to an end. Poor guy didn’t even get a name in Ghostbusters. He was named “male student” in the credits.

I have no idea what happened to Steven Tash after 1988. I mean, he didn’t even get a guest star spot on Murder She Wrote! It seems every actor around that time at least had some part in that show. I don’t even know if this guy is still above ground. Literally! He might be dead. Ghostbusters was 24 years ago and he has to be at least 44. I’m just saying, heart disease is a bitch. So, Steve, if you are still kicking, let us know.

 Oh man, it’s Thunder, Lightning and Rain from the movie, Big Trouble In Little China! That movie has always been a favorite of mine and oddly enough it has come up in conversation more than once this week. So that got me wondering what ever happened to these three mystical beings.

 I am going to start with “Rain” played by Peter Kwong. He was the sword swinging, long haired  bad guy that weirdly enough, didn’t have a Chinese accent. I always think of the battle between him and Wang (Dennis Dun) and that strange moment when Rain was caught looking at Wang’s, uh, wang I guess. Wang responded with an exaggerated eyebrow raise. Check it out the next time you see the movie. I’m not making that up.

  Peter has been in a shit load of TV episodes prior and after BTILC (Had to abriviate. That’s such a long movie title.) to include “MaGyver”, “Miami Vice”, “227”, “Tour of Duty”, “Dynasty”, “The A-Team”, “Manimal”, “Amazing Stories”, “Full House”, and on and on and on…. As far as film he was in The Golden Child and others but maybe they were SciFi TV movies. You know the ones like Gator Man or Tyrano Dog. Regardless of what movies he did, Peter Kwong is still cranking out TV show appearences today. He resides in LA and it looks like he is doing better than ever. He teaches Tai Chi at a 24 hour Balley’s gym and serves as Governer of the Preformers Peer Group at the Acadamy of TV, Arts and Sciences. Good job Pete and thank you.

  It’s Lightning! This guy was my favorite and I am still unsure how they killed him off in BTILC.  The guy who played him is James Pax who, like Peter Kwong, has a few appearances in a lot of well known TV shows like “MaGyver”, “Nash Bridges”, “Tour Of Duty”, “Matlock” and “Scarecrow And Mrs. King”.  Makes you wonder if they have the same agent?

  Man, James Pax has been a busy man. He was born in Japan, lived in Italy, educated at New York University in International Business, became a professional ballet dancer and master of Kung Fu, sang in South America, was a model in Milan, was on Broadway and currently resides in China working on the Chinese version of “Sex In The City” called “I Just Really Want To Fall in Love”. I guess “Sex In The City” doesn’t translate too well. It’s like the word pool. In China it’s called a “swimming gym”. So anyway, his life just wore out my fingers. Fucking over achiever.

  And finally we have Thunder. I didn’t really understand his specialty besides blowing himself up. If that is his power then I thing Lo Pan really fucked up his choice of body guards. I must admit that his few lines were ones to remember. “I con hep yuuu.” Classic!

  Carter Wong is a real bad ass in life. BTILC was one of only a couple movies he did in America. Before that he was in real Kung Fu movies to include a few staring roles with the late, great Bruce Lee. He even taught martial arts at the Royal Hong Kong police department. Now that is a dude who can kick your ass six ways to Sunday. I hope Kurt Russel was nice to him. By the way, how many people named Carter come from China? I’m just saying.

  “My name is Horace!” Actually it was Brent Chalem who played the tubby kid that was the weenie Monster Squad memeber. But I had to give him props for kicking the Wolfman in the nards. Yes Horace, Wolfmen do have nards.

  I found this out from our beloved Mystie who wrote one of the best reviews for the movie Monster Squad that I have ever read. It’s true, Horace is dead. Brent died in 1997 at the age of 22 from Pnemonia in Las Vegas, Nevada. I still can’t believe it. He was working as a legal assistant for a law firm at the time. I guess his career never took off even though he did appear in “Punky Brewster”, “Quantum Leap” and “Mr. Belvedere”. We even have the same birthday too. I’m sorry Brent. We hardly even knew you.


Streaks on the china,
never mattered before,
who cares.When you dropped kicked your jacket
As you came through the door,
No one glared.
But sometimes things get turned around
And no one’s spared.
All hands look out below T
here’s a change in the status quo.
Gonna need all the help that we can get.

According to our new arrival
Life is more than mere survival
We just might live the good life yet.



 He sure did live the good life but Mr. Belvedere is dead too. Poor Christopher Hewett died in 2001 from complications with his diabetes in Los Angeles but before he checked out he left us with years of wonderful work to remind us of his talents. He had been acting from the fifties until his death and was in a number of plays and TV shows to include ‘Murder She Wrote” (shocking), “E/R”,  “Fantasy Island” and of course the immortal “Mr. Belvedere”. The funny thing is he was really only cast as the “English proper” or “Butler servant”. He wasn’t complaining though. I remember Mr. Belvedere being as big as Alf back in the day.

   It’s Tiffany Brissette from the show “Small Wonder”! There aren’t many people who remember this show when I bring it up but if they saw this picture I am sure it would jog the memory. I always feel silly when I describe it. “You know, it’s about this guy who builds a robot named V.I.C.K.I. and everyone treats her like a member of the family. And one time she smoked pot on the show and blew a fuse and acted strange. And another time she fell in the pool and blew a fuse and acted strange. And they had this red headed girl named Harriet and she sucked. Ring a bell? Huh? Huh?……huh.”

 I’m not too proud to admit that I had a huge crush on Tiffany Brissette as a kid. I thought she hung the moon and this may sound strange, but when “Small Wonder” was on TV I refused to watch in in my pajamas. I can’t quite explain why but I had to be in my favorite themed sweater and corduroys. I guess I thought there was a chance she could see me through the TV. I was a weird kid.

  All though Tiffany was in a lot of TV shows in the 1980’s and early ’90’s like “Webster”, “Teen Win Lose Or Draw”, “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” and even the post Return Of The Jedi TV show “The Ewok Adventure”, she left Hollywood and never returned. After getting her degree at Westmont College in California she dedicated her life to helping children and teens as a counselor. She also is a marathon runner and rides horses during her free time. Man, I think I still have a crush on her. It would be nice to see her back on the TV again. Hopefully now I can watch without the need to put on a sweater with a bear on it.

  Well, part 6 is done. That’s all I have for now and I can cross off these few from the list that grows exponentially everyday. Hope you had fun.

21 thoughts on “Where Did You Go? Part 6

Add yours

  1. It absolutely thrills me to see that I was not the only kid who dressed up for television. I was so desperately in love with Mad Martigan when I watched Willow that I would steal eye shadow from my mom and put it on for his scenes. WTF. I don’t even know how to apply eye shadow now so I’m not sure how I pulled it off.

  2. I’m glad to see I’m not alone on that one. I was wondering how people would take that. I can’t help if I have different TV show sweaters. I have a new one for this Halloween when “The Great Pumkin” comes on. It has buttons.

  3. Hahahaha….the idea of you dressing up in your sweater/cord combo to impress “small wonder” is just priceless! And though I wasn’t lesbo-crushing on her, I did watch the show and I was always jealous of that frilly red and white dress…my childhood dresses were never that frilly 😦 …and what about “Out of This World” (is that what it was called???)..you know, with that “Evie” chick? Ya I bet you wanted to hit that, hahaha 😉

    PS: I had the non-human crush thing too, but mine was in that inter-galatic Alf kind of way…ya, many a nights rubbing all up on my Alf stuffed-animal…err…I think it’s time for bed now! 😉

  4. When I was going through IRB training before I could work (AKA experiment) with human subjects, that scene in Ghostbusters kept popping into my mind.
    Venkman (Bill Murray) turns back to the male student who winces as the next card is turned up — two parallel wavy lines.

    VENKMAN: Nervous?

    SOPHOMORE: Yes. I don’t like this.

    VENKMAN: Well, just 75 more to go. What’s this one?

    SOPHOMORE: (takes a deep breath) Two wavy lines?

    VENKMAN: (burying the card) Sorry. This isn’t your day.

    By the way, how in the hell do you track down these people? Surely they can’t all have updated resumes in IMDB.

  5. Yo be honest I go through about 50 different sites just to piece what little I have together. IMDB and Wiki isn’t as helpful as one would think.

    “I was just going to say, ‘eight o’clock?'”

  6. I used to watch Small Wonder all the time, but seeing it now it’s just a horrible show. I had heard that Tiffany Brisette was a nurse or something now. I saw a picture of the actress that played the annoying neighbor Harriette, let’s just say time was not kind to her. And what the heck happened to the little boy? I don’t know if he ever did anything after this show.

    Anyways, great post as always Bill!

    This is insane! You actually believe that some moldy Babylonian God is going to drop in at 78th and Central Park West and start tearing up the city?

    (corrects him) Sumarian — not Babylonian

    Big difference

  8. A Chinese version of Sex and the City? I wonder if your Pax guy is going to be Mr. Big. How could I have missed Small Wonder? I think I literally grew up attached to a television.

  9. How weird! I was JUST wastching Ghostbusters and that scene ALWAYS pisses me off.
    THEY GUY IS PSYCHIC! Stop torturing him!

    To Be honest, Venkman makes me really mad cause he’s such a diickwad, but I have a soft spot for him too- becuse he’s just SO desperate for Dana to like him.

  10. And on the Pax note, how recent is that file-photo? If it’s within the last 5-10 years, I’m gonna say “meowww” and also put in a formal request for you to set-up a regularly updated Pax-page on your blog 😉

  11. Great one again. Man, I love these things.

    I love that scene in Ghostbusters, one of many that are just classic in that movie.

    I have a confession to make though. I’ve actually never seen Big Trouble in Little China. I know it’s supposed to be kind of a classic and from what very little I’ve seen (most of which being what I just read), it looks really interesting. I think it would be worth it just to see the scene where Thunder blows up like that. That looks wild!

    Good show on giving a proper tribute to Horace. Monster Squad is only one of my favorite movies of all time, so anytime I see anything to do with that movie that paints it in a positive light, I’m happy. Yeah, he will be missed…..”Come on guys, don’t be chickenshit!” Boy, Pheobe the Pheeb turned out to be a looker didn’t she?

    Yes! Small Wonder! I used to love it. Thanks for bringing that one up. I’m glad I’m not the only one that kind of had a thing for Vicky. But then again, I kind of have a thing for robot chicks anyway. Did I just say that outloud? I used to hate Harriette–such an annoying little twit. I know this is going to sound mean, but being that she wasn’t exactly easy on the eyes back then, I’m not surprised that she turned out looking not so hot these days either.

    “Hey Janine, sorry about the bugeyes thing.”

  12. He definitely looks like a Chinese Big….(why does that sound funny when I write it down? )

    PS: re: Pax-pic: guys can get so much mileage out of the unbuttoned dress-shirt look, hahaha 🙂 …goodnight Mr. Pax, I’ll see you in dream-land…

  13. Thanks for the memories. I also had a huge crush on Tiffany Brissette during the Small Wonder years. I was enough of a tv watcher and sci-fi fan then to think the show was crap, but I had to watch it just to see the girl robot.

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