Limahl Is A Guy

Don’t you just love finding out at the age of 30 that you had a gender confusion with a particular song? I do. Today I was looking for YouTube clips to write an article about memorable movie intros when I ran across The Never Ending Story. Low and behold, that song was performed buy a guy. I was shocked. Probably more shocked than when I found out Wayne Newton sang “Danke Schoen“. There is no way a guys voice could sound that feminine! I bet if the fate of the world rested on how confident I was that The Never Ending Story was performed by a girl, I would have screwed us all over. I imagine it would look something like this:

But alas it is not a woman belting those tunes but rather British pop phenomenon, Limahl. Never heard of him? Then you probably will recognize him from his original band Kajagoogoo and their song “Too Shy“. That’s what I know him from. Actually I am sure that is what most will know him by. He’s very popular in Germany today. But then again so is David Hasselhoff.

So, Limahl is now apart of my vocabulary and we can rest assured that if a villain had his hand on the detonator to a nuclear warhead and asked me whether or not The Never Ending Story theme was performed by a girl or a guy for the fate of the world, I would choose correctly. I only imagine these scenarios while sitting at mass on Sunday. Catholics don’t get much out of church. At least this one doesn’t.

Check him out! It’s a guy, I promise!

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  1. I didn’t know he perfomed that! But, the back up singer is a girl right?? “Too Shy” was an annoying song!

  2. Yeah, that song was tough to take as a kid in the car with no choice or control of the radio. I thought he was a girl then too.

  3. Um, “Too Shy” is one of my fave ’80s songs. Maybe it’s just because I loved the name “Kajagoogoo” for a band. Same reason I like “Banannarama”.

    I’m still alive Bill! Will be working on a post today…I think you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

  4. I went through quite a short emo phase a couple of years ago, so needless to say, I’m rarely surprised to find out that the “cute girl” voice I thought I was listening to was, in fact, a boy.

  5. You sure there’s not two versions of that Wayne Newton song? Could have sworn I’ve heard both…

  6. Hmm, I didn’t know he sang anything other than “Too Shy” – only to discover he’s a hot commodity in Germany? What is it with those Germans!?!

  7. Oh- well… that’s weird. I’m always so surpised and intrigued when Men sound like women, and when women sound like men. This is one such case. The lady that does vocals for Arch Enemy is another- that is one bad-ass metal chick, I tells ya.

  8. Kelli, I am working on an article right now for girls in metal. From the perspective of a white collar boyfriend. It will be different but I had you and Mandy in mind when I decided on the topic.

  9. I just read that comment and I was like, “Mandey, like me? Am I at all metal?” And then I realized I have Live After Death on right now and I’m wearing a Thunderlip shirt and combat boots with shorts. Then I realized it’s possible you know more than one person with my same name. Then I realized I kind of adore that Kajagoogoo song but not as much as I adore Iron Maiden.

  10. Well, thank God I knew the answer to that question while the evil villain had his hand on the detonator to a nuclear warhead – ’cause I just saved your life brother!

  11. Whoa, I had no idea that singer was a dude. You learn something new and interesting every day.

    Anyway, I used to love that song as a kid. There’s a remix of it on one of the versions of DDR, which is great fun.

  12. After viewing both those clips, yup…if there were ever a definition for a “guy”, hahaha 😉

    Sidenote 1: That waitress turned in a really dramatic performance in that “Too Shy” video…it’s sad that her career never took off.

    Sidenote 2: OMG…that poor Millionaire contestant! I couldn’t help but laugh at his “surge protector cockiness”, and the ridiculous hair didn’t make him any more sympathetic either 😉

    Sidenote 3: errr…you’re not alone in these moments of sure-fire confidence…umm…up until the age eleven (remember that, ELEVEN), I was CONVINCED that the term was not “human beings” but “human BEANS”…I discovered my error when I handed in a story I had written, only to have the teacher circle “beans” in red with 3 question marks…when I inquired she corrected me (whilst trying to hold in her laughter)…I don’t even think you could call that “borderline” intellectually-challenged…*sigh*…it’s supposed to be funny now, 16 years later, but it’s not.

  13. That poor kid on Millionaire. I’m still laughing at his dumb ass. You know everybody that he knew was probably watching when that happened.

  14. Holy shit, the funny thing is I’m not surprised that a guy sang that song. What I AM surprised by is that it’s the same guy from Kajagoogoo! I had no idea! Wow, he was really rocking the blonde on brown mullet wasn’t he? He actually looked like he could be one of the freaky characters in the movie.

    kittymao, The chick from Arch Enemy is fucking badass! She could take on any guy in any metal band anywhere as far as I’m concerned. I think she cranks my tractor.

    Speaking of being mistaken about things when you were a kid, I used to think that Hordak from She-Ra was somehow related to the word “whore”–like Whoredak. When I was a kid, I heard our neighbor call someone a whore and totally thought she was talking about Hordak, like it was some kind of universal insult that was interchangable with whore. I also once got the words “raid” and “rape” confused. When I was a little kid I told my mom once that I got up in the middle of night and raped the fridge.

  15. DJ D: LMAO!! I think I am going to start saying “raped the fridge” that sounds like something a badass would say. “ahem” I hope your not upset Will I just uh I just raped a 6 pack of beer outta yer fridge. I’ll bring a 6 pack for you the next time I come over. Promise.

    My little misunderstanding of words story to share with you all is I started saying illegal when I was a little kid like 9 or so that only lasted for about a year. Because I thought Illegal you are just saying a legal so everytime I meant legal I said a legal or illegal. I knew what illegal and legal meant it’s just it sounded like people were saying a legal when they meant illegal. I bet I am the only one that understands that but oh well. My mom came over with some nintendo themed straws with mario in the middle with different colored ones like red and yellow as a treat for me and my sister well I said, “It even has the illegal logo on it!” and she freaked and looked at the package and then was confused. I think I stopped saying it quickly after that because everybody had that same reaction.

    I feel sorry for the guy on Millionaire, Not because he lost on the first question but because he had to meet Meredith Viera. She is just very annoying to me. Sure her husband has MS but still. I hate how she puts on a fake look on her face when she is reading a cue card and how her eyes move when she reads it. It just bothers me I mean how many years has she been in the business and she hasn’t learned how to act like she isn’t reading a cue card yet????

  16. I love limahl’s voice i liked him in 1984 and i still liked him today. so far his voice still sounds great as it did in 1984.

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