AC/DC And Walmart

Well, it’s official. Rock and Roll has finally sold it’s soul to corporate America. One of my all time favorite bands, AC/DC announced that their next album will only be sold exclusively in Walmart stores. I’ll say it again. If you want AC/DC’s new album you can only get it at Walmart. It wasn’t enough that Walmart swallowed middle America and forced Mom and Pop shops to conform or be destroyed, now they bought Angus Young too. This is it! One hundred years of darkness, seas boiling, dead walking the Earth, cats and dogs living together……mass hysteria! It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock, my ass! SAD PANDA!

Am I making too much of this?

On another note, every so often VeggieMacabre gets linked on a cool site. This week I was found on the WOW Report. Thanks, guys at World of WOW!

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