Where Did You Go…In Space?

Here I go again. Curiosity has taken the best of me and I find the need to ask what rational people never think about. Today’s “Where Did You Go” theme will be a space one. It’s funny to think that a lot of the movies back in the eighties were based off a magical box called a computer and through that unknown resource of technology anything was possible. Whether it was taking pieces of discarded junk to construct a spaceship, plug in a processor making the magic of space travel possible or start World war 3, computers made any story believable. But I digress. Actually, I don’t know where I was going with that at all. So without further ado, here are some Astronauts from the 80’s.

Joey Cramer from the Disney movie, Flight Of The Navigator. I swear that this was on HBO for 10 years straight when I was growing up. This was the only real notable role for Joey. He played David Scott Freeman, a kid who was abducted by an alien at 12 and returned back to Earth, only it was eight years later and he had not aged a day. For some reason he always struck me as a whiny little dick. “I wanna go back to my family…Jack gets all the attention…..You took me away from my family…but I want a Golden Goose….” Regardless, the one cool thing is the brief appearance of the Foot (Sarah Jessica Parker). I love the scene in reference to Twisted Sister when David asked, “who’s she?” Sarah replied, “It’s not a she it’s a he. Actually it’s a them…”

The Canadian born actor has not done much since Flight of the Navigator besides a few odd movies and a guest appearance on “Murder She Wrote”. He did win the Saturn Award for Flight of the Navigator so I guess that’s pretty cool. Where ever he is, he is 34 and I will not bet my life on it but here is a picture of him from 1996. The only one I could find.

I hope that is him. It’s from some off Broadway play but since then, I got nothin’.


We all know this movie! Like I said in the beginning, anything is possible with a computer and a Tilt-a-Whirl. Most people remember Ethan Hawk and the late River Phoenix but not me. I remember Jason Presson, the lesser known actor but the one I liked the best. Ethan was too much of a windbag in this film and River was plowing a pretty grotesque alien, so the only one left to respect was Jason Presson, (Darren Woods).

I guess Jason took a different road after The Explorers because River Phoenix and Ethan Hawk’s career really shot off. Since then he has stayed primarily with TV and lower budget films. But I do have to give him props for Gremlins 2. He hasn’t done much that I can find since 1997 but I did find a recent picture of him. I hope he goes back to film. We need more Pressons out there.

I remember seeing this movie, but I don’t recall the specifics. All I know is Larry B. Scott was in it. Whether his role was the token character or not, he is one of my favorite actors. I love this guy and I have been a fan since Iron Eagle.

Larry B. Scott played the role of Rudy Tyler, a science geek that fell short of a few essential skills like… understanding it. He was really an entrepreneur who loved french fries and dreamed of one day opening a restaurant in space. We are still waiting, Rudy.

Larry’s resume really stands alone from other recently obscured actors. His films include Iron eagle, Revenge of the Nerds, Karate Kid, Snake eater 2 and his debut movie, A Hero Ain’t Nothin’ But A Sandwich. I challenge anyone to bring that film up in a conversation. I have personally said it 10 times aloud and each time a couldn’t help but laugh. Love ya’ Larry! Here is a recent side shot.

Still a winner so many years later.

Hello Ally Sheedy! Goodness gracious she’s a hottie. I know I am drifting from the space theme but stay with me here. The movie War Games is about two teenagers who play with their computer magic box and the mystical, yet prehistoric Internet when the Web only had a few strings, and almost start a world war. I take the space theme because one, ICBMs go to space and two, I love Ally Sheedy. Two should be a good enough reason.

I think we all know how Ally has been but I just wanted to include her because I haven’t seen her around. Actually since she kicked her sleeping pill addiction I haven’t seen her in anything mainstream. The last project that I remember was when she played the ticket agent in Home Alone 2. That’s no place for a Goddess! Get you act together agents! Right? (crowd response- RABBLE! RABBLE! RABBLE!)

JINX the robot from Space Camp! Well, I can’t find a picture of him for the life of me so I will give you a clip of him in the most unrealistic scenario in cinema history.

Shame on you Tom Skerritt for being in this crap! But anyway, there is JINX. The robot that had a boy crush on Max (Joaquin Phoenix) granting his wish and shooting him into space. To me JINX sounds like a three year old with a trachiotomy. But what ever. If there was any truth to this movie I think we could currently find JINX looking like this:

Oh man, I have rambled through this one. Thanks for putting up with me. Now off to a meeting with Fuck stick One and Fuck Stick Two. Have a stellar weekend!

13 thoughts on “Where Did You Go…In Space?

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  1. Flight of the Navigator was one of my favorite movies growing up. I haven’t seen it in forever. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll have to go out and get it real soon!

  2. Wow! You just brought back a lot of memories! I always loved Ally Sheedy… The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire… I think I may have to watch these again soon.

  3. I used to watch Flight of the Navigator on Casette- recorded off the tv- until it broke. Sad Day. I believe – in my house Flight of the Navigator and Space Camp were on the same cassette! wooooooo!

    And damn it all to hell if I saw that little fucker Max just now and said “That’s Joaquin Phoenix!” And hell, it was! Didn’t know such a gorky little bastard could become so bloomin’ handsome…

    But hey- I looked like a walking goon and I didn’t turn out to kill bunnies for fun, so I guess there’s a chance for everyone.

  4. I loved Explorer’s when I was a lad, made me want to build my own space ship out of a Tilt-a-Whirl and assorted junk. They’ve been showing War Games quite a bit on AMC lately, yeah it’s dated but I think it still holds up well.

  5. Dude, I used to LOVE Flight of the Navigator. I had it recorded off the Disney Channel and watched it over and over. I saw it again a few months ago and I must say it held up far better than I had expected it to.

    I saw Wargames on late-night TNT and TBS quite a few times in the late 90s. It became something of a guilty pleasure. XD Also Matthew Broderick was hot back then.

  6. Oh dear lord. I have seen Flight of the Navigator at least a hundred times but I have not thought about i in years. Now I am going to rent it.

  7. These blog articles are kind of your trademark now. I am proud of you.

    If I say anything else to add to what I said above, I LOVE flight of the navigator. I should arrange to watch it in the next day or so because I have a copy of it.

  8. I think I had serious issues with space movies as a child. I detested Flight of the Navigator and The Explorers. In fact, I remember being disappointed in my mother for choosing The Explorers as we were leaving the theater afterwards. Don’t even get me started on E.T. I stopped eating Reese’s pieces after that movie came out.

    War games gave me all kinds of Cold War nightmares at the time. If I watched it today, it probably still would. A lot of Matthew Broderick’s early films freaked me out. Like Project X. It makes me a little teary just thinking of it. Thank goodness he turned it all around for me with Ferris.

    I loved Ally Sheedy in Short Circuit. I think it was recently released on DVD 🙂

  9. I’m with Allison–wasn’t a huge fan of Sci-Fi as a kid (Star Wars being the obvious exception).

    Now, as an adult? Different story. I’ve fully geeked out, and Sci-Fi is my genre of choice. Don’t knock it! I’ll bet your’e ALL addicted to Sci-Fi and just don’t realize it! (read: LOST, Heroes, Smallville).

    I rest my case. 🙂

  10. “For some reason he always struck me as a whiny little dick”….hahaha….you said it sister!! I mean…”brother”…???…whatever you know what I mean, high-five and keep it real 😉

  11. Well, I have to hang my head in shame here. I, too, am a huge fan of Flight of the Navigator, but (and this is hard for me to say, being such a self proclaimed Child ‘O the 80’s), I have never seen Space Camp, The Explorers, or Iron Eagle, and the most of War Games I ever saw was about 5 minutes of the end when it was on TV a while back. I shall accept my punishment with my head held high and a steely eyed gaze. Forgive me.

    Ally Sheedy was the shit though, wasn’t she?

    Oh, and I’m still convinced that if I strap a doll down onto a table, hook up some electrodes to her, scan a picture of Albert Enstein into my computer, put a bra on my head, and crank up some Oingo Boingo, that Kelly LeBrock will magically appear in my bedroom. That, my friends, is the power of the magic computer box.

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