Poor Jon Arbuckle

I confess I was a huge Garfield fan when I was younger. In fact I think I had numbers 1 through 32 of the comic books in my library. They would keep me occupied on the sixteen hour road trip to see the grandparents or any social event where children are to be seen and not heard. As a kid, of course I read them as a Garfield the cat fan but now that I am older I realize how sad Jon Arbuckle was. In real life, if there was a guy who confided in his cat I would feel compelled to say he was pathetic. If you remove Garfield all together, I would say it is disturbing.

Dude needs some serious meds.

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  1. You know, now that I think of it, I did talk to my cat Snooter. But it was mostly “why did you eat that?” or “the box is for peeing and the bedspread”. I don’t think I could confide in him, though. He spent most of the day under the couch.

  2. That IS pathetic.. I feel sorry for him… I loved Garfield when I was a kid too.. but, now I will never be able to laugh at it again. 😉

  3. I forgot who it was but someone said that before they were married they felt like Jon. I don’t know anymore but I think last year he had a girlfriend. So that is good.

  4. LOL I think it’s technically both, doho, because I don’t think he draws it anymore, but the last one is super old school, hence the crappy look.

  5. I was reading some of those the otehr day and had to stop becuase Jon was just SO pathetic that I WAS GETTING DEPRESSED FOR HIM.

  6. I don’t see the problem. Single guy who lives with a cat and dog who is always desperately trying to get a date and confides in his cat his problems while the cat always punks him….wait, yep he’s a loser!

    Wait till I tell my dog about this post!

  7. I remember checking out those books when I was younger. I was always kinda freaked out by “old” Garfield, the one who was drawn far differently that the current Garfield.

  8. Oh my gosh, the scruffy-faced PJ-wearing, New Year’s Jon Arbuckle is sooo sad indeed….I never noticed that before either, but as long as Garfield is still hard-core and cool, my childhood memories are in tact 😉

  9. gosh, i had a ton of those books when i was little, and they’re so not funny. the cartoons were awesome though. at least those were geared for kids. the specials and garfield and friends were the best.

  10. A co-worker of mine stumbled upon the Garfield Minus Garfield thing a while back and we’ve been looking at them at work for a while now. They’re kind of hit and miss, but sometimes it’s just hilarious. The best ones are the ones that make him look completely schizophrenic.

    It’s funny, cause when I was a kid I never really thought he was all that pathetic. I jut thought he was funny, but now I can totally see it. However, being a single guy who in a matter of days will be living in his own apartment with a cat who I’m sure I will be talking to on a regular basis, I’m starting to get worried. I’m actually trying to talk my landlady into letting me have it cause she’s not too down with her tenants having pets in the apartment. I believe her exact wording was (and I’m not making this up), “I don’t see why you need a cat in here. You need to just get you a woman.”

  11. I never read “the funnies”…or “the comics” as a kid. Not with any regularity. Why? I don’t know. I’m not, nor was I , some literary elitist. II just never thought any of them were funny.

    As for confiding in my cat? My white Calico Charlotte is not much of a conversationalist. I talk to myself a lot though. That helps. Wanna know what other strange thing I do when I’m trying to resolve a problem? I role play. I become me and also the antogonist with whom I have the problem. I only do it in the privacy of my home and odd as this might sound, it has helped me resolved more than a few issues in my life.

    I dare not bring it up in my when I pick up my anti-psychotic meds at Walgreens or during my three per week therapy sessions—- I don’t want to be considered a whack job.


    I miss you,
    El Kay

  12. Ah yeah, these strips are pretty hilarious in a very depressing kind of way.

    When I was a kid, I thought Garfield was the shit. He was all that and a pan of lasagna back then. It hurts to see what’s become of him today. But I still get a big kick out of the TV specials.

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