Where Did You Go? Part…4?

I think I am going to keep up with my inquiry into obscure actors and actresses that mean a lot to me. It’s fun to poke around the internet and find out that the co-star of a long lost great sitcom now owns a chain of TCBY’s around Delaware. Then again the same search can reveal the actor died from an asphyxiation fetish while jerking off in a Motel 6 off International Blv. in Orlando. Regardless it makes for interesting reading.

Tom Atkins has always been the symbol of masculinity for mid range budget 70’s and 80’s horror movies like The Fog, The Creepshow, Night Of The Creeps and of course the cinematic equivalent to a dump in a jar, Halloween III. He wears a tough exterior as the hero who is never far from the vices that bind him. I don’t think i have seen him in a movie without a drink in one hand and a cowboy killer in the other. If there is ever a reason to drop everything I have worked for in life, grow a mustache, move to Hollywood and pursue a career in acting it’s because of Tom Atkins. It’s Miller time!

Tom is still pretty busy these days. He has a list of movies that are still in post and pre production and has made quite a few TV appearances to include Walker Texas Ranger, The Fall Guy and Xena: Warrior Princess. He still resides in his home state of Pennsylvania and I really hope he’ll make an appearance at Screamfest 2008 in Florida because the chance of meeting him is the only real reason I am going.

This has always puzzled me. What did Jennifer ever see in Cousin Larry? She was way out of his league, don’t you think? Well, regardless the actress who played Jennifer is Melanie Wilson and she cranked my tractor, even when I was only eight. She had a long ride with the show “Perfect Strangers” and was also in a couple of other great shows from the eighties like “Simon And Simon”, “The A-Team” and the spin off “Family Matters”. I think she has been behind the scenes in a few other Hollywood projects but nothing after 2001. Little known fact, she is the daughter of the late “Mr. Whipple” from the old Charmin toilet paper commercials. Sorry for your recent loss, Melanie. Mr. Wilson was one of the greats.

Alice Drummond will always have a place close to my heart from that fateful scene in the beginning of Ghostbusters when she was the New York librarian who encountered that full torso, free floating, non vaporous apparition that made me shit my pants as a child. I still love her interview with Bill Murray which gave us the famous line, “Back off man. I’m a scientist.” She has been in many films and TV shows in her career and is still cranking them out today. It’s kind of funny that she is of grandmother age and shot an episode of “Boston Legal” called Ass Fat Jungle. Oh to be on set when the grip tells her, “scene 4, Boston Legal, Ass Fat Jungle take 2…..action!”

I feel a little bad about this, but until recently I have always known Alex Karras as Webster’s father, George Papadopolis and the dumb guy that punched out a horse in Blazing Saddles. It turns out he was also an All American college football great, an NFL legend for the Detroit Lions, a Monday Night NFL commentator and a professional wrestle. Hrm, who knew? I bet over half the population of America knows Karras as the NFL great and not George. That’s why I write this stuff!

On another point, don’t you find the character names strange in the show “Webster”? George Papadopolis, Katherine Calder-Young Papadopolis, Webster Long, and poor Heather O’Rourke didn’t even have a last name. Just Melanie. I am curious how those names came to be.

This was a pretty lame post, but I couldn’t leave the site on such a sad sack note.

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  1. I always refer to that scene in ‘Ghostbusters’ as one of the greatest of all time, or at least one that meant a great deal to me. I had a nut job for a roommate freshman year who swore her grandfather could tell the future (which she used as an excuse for her own bizarre behavior). When Bill Murry asked Alice the Librarian if anyone in her family had a history of mental problems and she responded with, “My uncle thought he was Saint Gerome”, his reply of “I’d call that a big YES” really struck a chord. I used to quote that line in my apartment all the time, just to piss her off. I was such a jerk.

    I recently discovered that said roommate has been in a mental hospital for a few years. According to our mutual roommate, crazy girl apparently still visits the 1991-1992 school year with a vengeance. I feel kind of bad now.

  2. Regarding to the blond from Perfect strangers, I frequently see dorky looking guys with hot women. I usually superficially assume that money is somehow involved, but I don’t recall that being the case with cousin Larry.

    I’m right with you on the George from Webster thing. Football? Who knew? Do you remember when they moved from the apartment to the old house that had a secret passageway? That was so cool.

  3. i agree that the names on webster were weird, but i have yet to hear of/meet anyone else with the last name papadopolis, yet i still remember that name off the top of my head.

    i cant remember most of what i learned in school, but i can still remember papadopolis. maybe it took the space in my brain that was meant for thrid grade math, because i cant add or subtract for the life of me.

    also…i always wondered what was with the mom’s hair in that show? it was hideous!!!

  4. You have a talent for these where are they now blogs. Even though a little part of me hates you now for bad mouthing Halloween 3!!!

  5. Lame post or no, “crank my tractor” is now going into my daily vocabulary.
    Not a lame post by the way, I’m really digging this where did you go series.

  6. I don’t know if the term “crank my tractor” is appropriate for Melanie Wilson, now that I think of it. I would definitely do” the dance of joy” with her, though. 😀

  7. I think the “where are they now” posts are the best part of this site. Seriously, keep them going. By the way, my memory’s not for shit, so I’m trying to think….did you ever do one on Walter “Dickless” Peck from Ghostbusters? I seem to remember you writing something about him but I’m not sure. If not, that would make for a perfect one. And I agree, the library ghost is one of the most terrifying things to ever appear in the history of American cinema.

    Hey, don’t feel bad. I had no idea who Alex Karaas was either, aside from Webster’s dad.

    I agree with Jodi. Forgetting completely that it ever had anything to do with the Halloween series, Halloween 3 is a crappily-good movie. Just put a big piece of black tape over the title, sit back, and enjoy. Wish I could say the same thing for Halloween: Resurrection. Being a pretty big Halloween fan, I’d rather forget that whole thing ever happened.

    “Six more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, six more days till Halloween, Silver Shamrock!”

  8. oh, that is too funny, i missed the thing about cranking your tractor the first time around. when my husband was like four, his mom caught him playing with his wee-wee while making motorcycle noises. she asked him what he was doing:

    “i’m shifting gears, mom!”

  9. I don’t think that’s a picture of Alex Karras, I think that’s one my uncles and he’s a drunken, wife beating, motorcycle mechanic these days. Possibly a child molester but I’m just guessing for the hell of it at this point.

  10. Yeah, actually my plan was to drill that song into everyone’s head as much as possible and drive you all crazy. I can’t wait for Halloween to roll around (I’m already getting in the mood and thinking about stocking up on decorations early) so I can play the song on my show over and over and over and over again, and drive everyone absolutely out of their minds!


  11. I’m sorry. I didn’t even make it past “owns a chain of TCBY’s around Delaware”. Oh.My.I love. TCBY. And the only one that was close to me closed years ago. Alright…I’ll continue reading….

  12. I just read the entire first page of your blog and I am now obsessed. I was laughing, out loud as they say. You are a very funny man!

  13. That’s cool that you are getting into the Halloween spirit early this year DJ D if I lived near you I would help you get into the spirit until the most hyped up Halloween ever!

  14. Dang it! Now I notonly have the Silver Shamrock song stuck in my head I’m dying (no pun intended) for some frozen yogurt!

  15. Jodi–Yeah, that would be pretty rad. And, the best part is, I’m moving in 2 weeks to my own place that has a fenced in back yard, so I can make a little cemetary out there. This will be the first year that I’ll be able to not only afford to decorate the way I want, but I’ll actually have a place of my own to do it. The only thing is, the house is kind of set back away from the main road so I don’t know how many trick-r-treaters I’ll get back there. Maybe I’ll put a sign up on the road pointing them to my house…or all the lights, fog, and creepy music will attract them.

  16. Great post. Keep digging on Melanie Wilson. She is the most under-represented “Hot Babes of TV” on the entire web. Where did she go? Can she still stop traffic just by flipping her hair? Inquiring minds want to know!

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