Autumn Is Creeping

I can not believe that Fall is coming so soon. Next Tuesday is September the first and the death rattle of summer has already begun here in the Northwest. Before I know it all the trees will be bare and my flops will be flipped for boots. But we ain’t there yet. I am going to make a promise this year. I am going to enjoy this Autumn and embrace the coming holidays, unlike my last couple of years. This time I am really going to do it right because I love this season. You know it’s magic when it’s magical and that my friends, is a statement to live by.

The List

  1. Annual Fall beer review (haven’t decided which one yet. Suggestions?)
  2. Probably a puppetry art blog with more candy
  3. Going to bake something. (send recipies)
  4. Octoberfest review in Levenworth, WA
  5. The half Marathon in Levenworth (See Macabre Fitness for that one)
  6. Tribute to Halloween 3
  7. VHS Horror Night (brought to you by the local VHS rental store)
  8. Annual carving of something
  9. Jones Soda review
  10. Memories of Holiday-past blog (for sure)
I always cheat my way out. Corn should have had thorns.
I always cheat my way out. Corn should have had thorns.

 I will be adding to this list but I think I can at least come through on these. I have a new and much larger place with a neat little office to work from so my creativity has no excuse to go tits-up like I have been doing these past months. I find writing has been all about atmosphere as of late and now that I can look at my Tom Atkin’s picture for creative inspiration, I know that good things are to come.

I have finally finished my “Where did You Go?” post but before I post I want to check some conflicting facts. A while ago I recieved an email from a star (?) with a correction. I am not sure if it is legit but regardless, I want to be truthful and not hurt anyones feelings.


14 thoughts on “Autumn Is Creeping

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  1. leavenworth?! Like the Bavarian Town in Washington state?

    The place is so beautiful in fall and winter.
    Once we visited right after Thanksgiving, and I wandered the street with a warm cup of chai and just was awash in the Season’s Spirit.

    This year, we have family from WA coming to see Us for halloween, so we’re throwing a huge shindig. Otherwise I’d have jumped at the Chance to Oktober it up with ya’s.

  2. Dude, I am soooooo looking forward to all of that. I hope you don’t mind, and I’m not trying to step on any toes here, but I was actually planning for my next post to be a Jones Soda review, using soda left over from last year. I was even going to write it tonight. Hopefully there enough of a gap in time that it won’t interfere with what you’re doing.

    Halloween 3! Yes! I actually just went back and watched that again the other day. I forgot how much I loved it.

    1. That’s awesome! I can’t wait to read the review! I pray Jones will have a Thanksgiving pack this year but judging from the last two I highly doubt it. That makes me a saaaaad panda.

      You actually made me appreciate Halloween 3 the way it should be. I, for the longest time, blasted it for skipping “The Shape” but it wasn’t until late did I realize that Tom Atkin made it a true classic. Well played, DJ D.

      1. Yeah, it stands up really well on its own. You just gotta pretend it has nothing to do with the franchise at all. I believe I read once that at one time it really was going to be a completely separate movie. I mean the script had already been written and everything and it somehow just got shoehorned into the series because Carpenter wanted to do something different, so he just took it and converted it into a “Halloween” movie. I’m glad that people over time have grown to accept it and that it has a sort of cult following.

        Actually, as I write this I’m watching Halloween 4 on AMC. Looking forward to seeing Zombiween 2 this weekend (that’s what I’m calling it). I’m really looking forward to it, but know I’ll come out bitching and moaning like I did with the first one.

  3. VHS Horror Night and Jones Soda Review are NO DOUBT WINNERS. Nothing like drinking a jones and watching THE ORIGINAL Halloween on VHS….Recipes hmmm I have a female friend.she is a french lady her name is Nestle Tooll Hoose she makes the best cookies i will give you her email …Carve a squash and put it our front always a conversation piece……great blog very funny…zman sends

  4. I am looking forward to it! You coming over here and watching movies with me that offer is open as always. Because I am naive and welcome strangers from the internet into my home lol. I also love the movie Halloween 3 so there. I loved it before it was cool to do so.

    1. My BIL works at a corn maze during the autumn season- they have several horror hosues hidden within the mazes and he is one of the performers. He gets us in free every year- such a blast.
      It’s also strange to see the people you see all the time and you actually can’t talk to them unless you use their Character name-
      so I wind up goin’ “hey Mullet, hey Piggy, hey Bones”.

      surreal, fo sho.

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