Death By Taco (and truck)

I was driving to the office the other day on I90, letting my mind drift from thoughts of work to contemplative analysis of what am I doing with my life when it was rudely interrupted by a brief encounter with death. A Taco Truck merged three lanes of traffic causing me to veer off the road, nearly missing a road construction sign that was held up by a ten ton street sweepeing truck. Thankful to “cat-like speed and reflexes” I managed to skirt the taco-packing truck but not before making a sound like this:

Well, I thought I needed to share that because if I were to buy the farm via tacos, truck or a street sweeper, I would want you to know that I went out in the style I choose; something to keep the obituary lighthearted.

taken with a shakey hand and exposed middle finger
taken with a shakey hand and exposed middle finger

*Another “Where Did you Go” post is almost done and…and…Macabre Fitness is being resurrected. I am on the last couple of weeks before my first marathon in a few years. I need a new fitness forum to complain and bellyache.*

6 thoughts on “Death By Taco (and truck)

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  1. So wish I could have been there. First to yell and join in on the exposing of middle fingers. Then to laugh at your girly-scream.

    I was just thinking about Macabre Fitness the other day because I was going to drop you a line. I’m thinking about getting back into running and wanted your advice or recommendations on what kind of shoes to get.

  2. Wow, lucky…it must be a sign…although you may not realize what that sign is, becasue it’s probably written in Spanish. (I have no idea where I was going with that btw)

    Macabre Fintess? This is exciting! My goal is still to do a marathon (or half…depending on the hill count). I shall cancel my subscription to “Runners Wold” and follow your words of wisdom instead. (besides, it’s cheaper this way)

  3. Just yesterday, I actually flipped off Rudy becuase I was following him and he caused me to run a red light.
    But that’s becuase he was following someone who caused rudy to ALMOST run a red light.

    Still, uber suckage.

    So… in some vague way, I feel your pain.

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