Where Did You Go? Part 11

Here we are, turned all the way up to eleven. Tell me where that line comes from and I will give you 400 gorka gabbas. If you don’t know what those are they are my own currency that I plan on flooding into the economy. So you will be ahead of the game! What was I talking about?


We will start off with the bread winner for the Tanner family in one of my favorite shows of the 80’s, ALF. Max Wright played Willie Tanner, a meek social worker that is constantly pushed to the edge by an ADD alien named ALF. I always tuned in on Monday nights, sitting in my GI Joe’s (themed PJs) nervously waiting the moment when Willie snapped and back-handed Kate or hammer punch Benji in the nose. Of course it never happened and Willie kept his cool, even when Alf dug a pool in the backyard garden.

Max hasn’t been in the TV or film circuit in the past 10 years. Partly because of his diagnosis with lymphoma and his run in with a few mailboxes resulting in a DUI arrest. On the lymphoma he has been in remission but the duey, I’m afraid Max plead guilty. Dag, yo. He has been in many TV episodes throughout the 80’s like Tales From The Darkside, WKRP in Cincinnati, MASH, and even was in the first couple episodes of Friends as the Central Perk’s manager. But ALF was his only real main role for TV. As far as his other acting roles he has been in such movies as Soul Man, Grumpier Old Men and The Sting II. His live theater acts like Broadway actually led to a Tony for IVANHO. Who knew Willie would win a Tony?


Max currently resides in California with his wife, Linda and their two kids Ben and Daisy. I suppose he is doing well and waiting, like the rest of us, for an ALF comeback. But that can’t happen until ALF puts down the pipe and sticks with his rehab.


You think that cookie looks like Anne Ramsey? Fuck’n eh, it does! But really, I think it looks more like this below from Big Trouble In Little China. Either way, you can’t eat something that cool.


So yeah, Anne Ramsey was an icon in the film industry. At least the film industry that interests me. Her most memorable roles to me were The Goonies, Mamma Fratelli and Throw Mamma From The Train. Can you believe she was nominated for an Oscar for that? Too bad she past away from throat cancer before the nominations were rewarded. Regardless her list of roles were plenty and in all reality she didn’t start her film career until late in life.

I remember being a little scared of her as a kid. I think it was the gruff appearance and her “after stroke” way of talking. To this day my friends and I quote “Quiet, you lashey poop!”. That was from Throw Mamma From The Train.

She was married to the actor Logan Ramsey but her career really took off after his death. She has been in a number of great films like Scrooged, Any Which Way You Can and National Lampoon’s Class Reunion to name a few. But to me her most memorable role and sadly her last was a cranky old lady in ALF. Strange how that ties in. RIP Anne.


Alison Parker. Who is Alison Parker, you ask? That is a good question because unless you have seen the 1977 movie, The Sentinel, you wouldn’t have a clue. I have researched quiet a bit and came up with very little. And I find that strange because her only role is a staring one and she shares it with many famous actors and actresses like Christopher Walken, Chris Sarandon, Ava Gardner, Eli Wallach, Tom Berenger, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Dryfuss, and many more. Where did she go? But I guess that’s my job to know, huh?


I think I need to keep these next two in character. Above is Ben Gardner in the movie Jaws. Actually he is a real fisherman that inspired Shaw’s character Quint, but that’s neither here nor there. Ben has an on going role in the movie but is rarely seen. Known as the local fisherman he pokes fun of the visiting frenzy of fisherman stating “…they’ll wish their mothers had never met their fathers when they start slamming into those rocks…” and other such witty jaunts. But there is one thing that puzzles me. How did he die?


See? Did Jaws just eat one eye? Did he trip and stick it on something sharp? Did Jaws spit his head back in the boat? Who knows? I smell fowl play.


Much like Ben “Headintheboat” Gardner, Ben Trammer of Halloween one and two has an ongoing but rarely seen role too. In the first Halloween Ben and Laurie had a thing. Well, as much as two shy nerds do, anyway. But poor Ben made the mistake of being a William Shatner fan much like Mike Myers was and dressed just like him on that night. What are the odds? To good in my mind. In any case, Ben is seen above fleeing Loomis who is having an episode only to be hit, crushed, exploded and burned to death by….a deputy of the law.

Laurie was right. Ben is kind of hot. Ohhhhhh....

 I didn’t really have a question about Ben but I do find it very uncreative of the screen writers to dress Ben up as a blond Michael Myers. I mean, did Ben off a tow truck driver too? Meh, I am thinking too hard about this again. S knows what I mean.


Real nice, Loomis. Real nice.

23 thoughts on “Where Did You Go? Part 11

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  1. D’oh, crisitunity beat me to it! I’ll just slink off and go play with my tiny Stonehenge models…

    Yes, BEN TRAMMER! He’s always been my favorite “non-seen” character in the Halloween movies. I always wondered what he looked like, well before the burns and all.

    1. I heard there is a kid seen in the first one that is rumored to be Ben but I don’t know. It is somewhere around the high school when Laurie’s friend dropped 50 “totallies”. I need to watch it again.

  2. That cookie is awesome. It reminds me of Homer’s forbidden donut in a way lol. I love ALF I caught a few episodes online a couple of years ago and the show still holds up to this day. That is a rare thing and I will always admit I love that show.

  3. Do you know who I want to see on one of these things?? Zach Morris’s dad!! What ever happened to that guy>? He had to have been in at least 5 or 6 episodes of Saved by the Bell… he was big time 🙂

    1. Zack’s dad. Good one. I can’t recall him but I do remember Slater’s dad. He was in the Army fro what I recall and kind of a prick.
      I should do an old school Saved By The Bell post. you know, Ms. Brisbee’s class. I made her name up because I can’t recall. You know, their freshman year? Or was it middle school?

      1. Nooo haha I think you mean Miss Bliss. Middle school… haha The only other teacher I remember is Mr. Tuttle … cause it was drivers ed and I wanted to be old enough to drive back then! Hard to believe since Im almost 30 🙂 28 – 30 same thing… right?

  4. Bill, Bill, Bill!! You dissapoint me!! How can you not remember Ms. Bliss?!? Aka “Good Morning, Miss Bliss ” Or Saved by the Bell: The Junior High years.

    Wow, I know waaaaay too much about that don’t I?

    Anyway, I have a request for the next one of these you do. Could you look up Jan Smithers? She played Bailey on WKRP and I used to have the hugest crush on her! I always thought she was prettier than Jennifer.

    Ok now that I’ve geeked the place out I’m leaving!

    1. I know! I suck but now that I think of it, wasn’t there a show called Good Morning, Miss Bliss? It was changed to Saved By The Bell. Or have I been huffing paint?

      1. I think the show was Good Morning, Miss Bliss and then was changed to Saved by the Bell after Hayley Mills left the show, or something, because after there was no more Miss Bliss they couldn’t call it that. Too lazy to look it up but I think that’s what happened.

  5. Nothing like catching up on blogs and finding a charmingly crispy-fried face right before I eat some dinner… Actually, I’m not so squeamish as all that but still…

    Another good post, Will!

    While I’m here, I’d like to put in a request for the brunette kid who is not Anthony Michael Hall from the film Weird Science (character name Wyatt I think???)… Perhaps you have already done him but after the passing of John Hughes I am feeling extra nostalgic about films like this…

    (P.S. Go ahead and get in touch about that other thing if you have the time – happy to hear from you and I think I am – once again – having communication issues sending to certain people/servers… Just no pictures of dead bodies or recordings of creepy stalkers okay? Seriously. I have a child who often uses my computer [wink] )

      1. Chet as the toad-jabba-blob thing remains more disturbing to me than any kind of cross-dressing… And no worries about the picture I’ve been known to watch shows like “Bones” and “CSI” with dinner so I really was 99% kidding (smile) …

  6. Great post!

    I used to love Alf…until one year when I went to a Community Halloween dance. This guy in a full-blown Alf costume kept asking me to dance with him, and I thought it was fate since it was my favorite show. I couldn’t see the guys face, but I figured that was why it was so romantic.

    It wasn’t until the end of the dance that he took his mask off and I realized it was actually my cousin. I kid you not. I mean, he was never really “all there”, but still…

    BTW, if you get a chance, Can you find out what happened to Mallory’s boyfriend “Nick” from Family Ties? I always had a soft spot for that knucklehead.

      1. Dude! You gotta do something about My Demon Lover! He was in that and I used to love that when I was a kid for some reason.

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