My Last Halloween In Idaho…

I was the Cookie Monster.

Sorry for the off center scan but you get the point. Notice the coat and the obvious rosy cheeks? I have a memory of my mom yelling at my dad for Trick-or-Treating me to the point of frostbite. I also remember falling and spilling my candy all over the snow covered front yard and a cockerspaniel eating some of it. Other than that, I only remember sweating in my plastic mask.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Happy Halloween to you too Bill. Everyone had to wear some embarrassing costume as a kid. I remember dressing up as tweety bird several times. It was a homemade hand me down costume.

  2. Well if that ain’t just the cutest little thing you ever did see. I tell ya, you look just absolutely thrilled in that picture. Looks like you’re wanted in several states for a string of candy thefts and assault charges.

    My earliest Halloween that I can remember is when I went to kindergarten dressed up as Yoda. I had one of those storebought costumes that came in the boxes. You know, with the vinyl costume and the mask that sat on top of it. The whole thing tied up in the back and you had that plastic, sweaty mask you were talking about strapped on to your face by that cheap rubber band in the back. On Jerry Seinfeld’s live album, “I’m Telling You For The Last Time,” he does a great bit about those kind of costumes and what Halloween was like when you were a kid. He totally sums up what the entire experience was like for just about everybody back then.

    Speaking of whch, I’m fully prepared for trick-or-treaters this year, if I get any. I got a carved up punkin on the porch, right above the required tomb stones and skeleton guy popping out of the ground. I also got some big fake spiders and rats and things out there. I got 4 bags of candy all ready go to, and I made sure to only buy candy that I like so if they don’t show up it won’t go to waste. My place is The Spot this year–I’m only handing out the premium shit–Snickers and Reeses cups and what-not. I’m gonna be on the radio from 4-6pm on Friday and then I’m racing home cause I figure that will be about the time the little buggers will start coming out. Can’t wait.

    Then I’m seeing NIN on Saturday night and Sunday is my birthday. So, I got myself a good weekend lined up. Oh, and there’s that whole getting a new president thing on Tuesday too. Wow, what a week.

  3. Luckily my mom was old school and I never had to wear those plastic costumes as a kid. She used to make us our costumes. The earliest Halloween I remember was going to the local park for a costume contest. We got a bunch of pretty good candy. My brother won the contest. My mom dressed him up as a mummy. She actually put boards on his arms and feet and spent hours bandaging him up.
    If I ever have kids they’re going to Grandma’s for costumes. I’d probably just put a towel around them as a cape and send them on their way.

  4. My fondest Halloween memory is owed to a girl trick-or-treating ahead of me at school in kindergarten. She had eaten so much candy, she gut dumped on my homemade clown costume. I still vividly recall big pink chunks of sweet tarts on my polka dot jumpsuit. Good times.

  5. that’s precious. is that a frame or did your mom make a magnet out of that picture?

    most years my mom would tell us we werent allowed to go and then she would feel bad at the last minute. so many of my costumes were just here clothes and a lot of makeup. i was a gypsy about six times.

  6. Best costume ever, I frikkin’ love cookie monster.

    My best costume ever (at least as a kid, before I started busting out the offensive gore) was Catwoman. My mom hand sewed this totally rad suit and mask, and tarted me up with makeup. On the plus side all the boys thought I was the hottest girl in grade three. On the down side, one of my ‘cool’ friends suddenly felt the need to explain what a hooker was…

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