img_0245Why is it when you step in dog shit, you become aware of it after you have walked in the house? Really? Seriously?

Anyway, sorry I have been absent. This past week has been crazy to say the least. But, it has been an amazing one. So I am taking this weekend to post a couple of my archived blogs from months ago. For some reason I haven’t gotten around to finish them and tonight while I am snowed and fogged in, I will attempt to wrap them up. I bet you are excited.

Ok, lie to me at least.

9 thoughts on “Seriously?

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  1. I’ll probably really like it and I won’t need to lie. If I loathe them I will lie. That is a guarantee. I can’t believe you have snow already we don’t get any until January that is only a week or two. It’s just your so close but your in a state where you will probably get a lot of snow compared to our little snow. Sorry that wasn’t meant to sound like I was rubbing it in.

  2. Way to go, Slick.

    If you’re really asking for us to be bluntly honest on the quality of the posts, I got no problem with that. But, seeing as I’ve never had anything negative to say about it and doubt I ever will, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Just keep doing what you do and I’m sure it will always be incredibly entertaining.

    Amy–In defense of Bill, myself, and all the other southern boys out there, we get snow so rarely down here sometimes we forget what it even looks like. I’ve seen it quite a bit on the talking looky box that sits in my living room with all the little people in it, and sometimes at the picture-show. But, I thought that was some kind of Hollywood special effects witchcraft. I forgot that it was actually real till now. I’m sure Bill is just a little traumatized right now at the sheer volume of it. Give him time to get his bearings. And wipe the dog crap off his shoes.

  3. You should know we’re always excited to read something new (or recycled even) from you Bill!

    Did that sound sincere enough? I really did my best to sound sincere! j/k!

  4. I once picked up a frozen dog turd that I mistook for a rock and applied it to the face of a snowman I was making in the schoolyard.

    So yeah, that’s my dog turd story. I may have touched it with my mitts (quickly thrown out, and good thing it wasn’t on my hands!) but that snowman got it in the FACE!

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