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I am sorry that things have been so busy here and I haven’t been a good neighbor to some of my blog pals. But I have a good excuse! Actually the best excuse of all. Work! So I figure I will take you on a little tour of my office as of late. Don’t worry, you have a cooler one.

Welcome to Fire Station 7!

img_0257As the wildfire season draws to a close, Smokejumpers pack away the parachutes, Hotshot Crews turn in the chainsaws for hoses and everyone goes back to the basics as firemen. As a pilot this change is especially exciting because this is as close to the action as one can get. The team camaraderie and service to community for a career is second to none but above all else it is element of danger. I have never excelled in life with a noose tie around my neck. I’m the type that requires a helmet. And no, not because I am retarded. (smart ass)

img_0278Well, that’s all the gear of the crew that’s not one call. The bottom area is for normal fire and rescue operations and the top shelf is for wildland fire. It’s different living so close to “nature” where one minute you are putting out Granny May’s kitchen and her famous elk roast and the next you are fighting an entire mountain fire because Ernest was burning a pile of cow poop while drinking a case of Milwaukee’s Best. You never know. The crew that is on shift have their gear ready by the trucks. I need the extra time because I flex in the rear view mirrors……a lot.



img_0264That’s my seat in the truck you see above. Just in case you were curious. I have only rolled out a few times but my name is above it. And that alone makes me a happy pappy.

img_0259Everything here in Idaho is retro. I personally love that about this place but when it comes to things that stand between life and death, that 1970’s ambulance makes me weary. Remember that show “Emergency” from three decades ago? That’s it right there.

img_0272You have to love the wood paneling inside the ambulance. Nothing says “you’re going to make it” like old school medicine decor. I don’t mean to rip too hard on the paramedics’ mode of transportation but it is funny to ask them where they keep the bite sticks and glass syringes. Ah, they are good people.

img_0274Even cooler from the drives seat. It has an unmistakable smell of rubbing alcohol and coffee. I still shiver from the thought that people arrived at the hospital D.O.A. in this thing.

img_0276There is the Lieutenant hard at work. This guy is the man. He has been a Smokejumper out of California for 15 years, on the department altogether for over 22 years. He has so many stories that he tells at the most inappropriate times. Nothing beats eating pizza while he talks about having a compound fracture from a bad jump. He would have kicked me in the shins if he caught me taking this picture.


So here I sit at the station, blogging. Secretly blogging. I’m waiting for a cool call and listening to the emergency traffic. Last night I had my personal radio on at the house and there was a call for a twenty five year old male who was riding his bike naked and was being treated for exposure. Cold weather exposure. I can’t wait until 3am.

img_0275Oh yeah! We have love for our Canadian pals too.

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