Don’t get me wrong, I like Rob Zombie. I liked him in White Zombie back in the nineties and as a painter when he redecorated the Headbangers Ball’s studio with B horror art. But now he has the artistic license and money to take on films as a visionary director. I saw House of 1000 Corpses and believe it or not I really liked it for what it was. He has a knack for reviving the old drive-in horror for it’s intended purpose. Now, however, he has taken the project of remaking the classic, Halloween. Please don’t put a bad name on this great movie. They shot the original in 21 days with a budget even I could afford and made an immortal mark on US cinema. Good luck Rob!

I hope the new Halloween starts out like this. I doubt it will but there is always hope. I remember when I saw this movie and much like Jaws, the beginning musical score really set the tone. When ever I hear it I actually smell pumpkin innards. It will be hard to follow what Clive Barker wrote by just messing around on his piano. Rob might be tempted to go quite a bit further.

What a classic introduction to a sequel! With the creepy “Mr. Sandman” song everyone is quickly brought up to speed on how Haddonfield, Illinois is still not done with their Halloween night. I saw Halloween II before the original so I was one of the many who appreciated it. Believe it or not, this was my first horror movie. When I saw that chick boiled in a rehab bath I knew my relationship with Micheal Myers would be special. He’s my pal.

Even the young Myers is a drastic change. One looks pretty scary and the other one looks like the drummer from Hanson. I truly got the creeps from the first Mike. His blank stares give an open ended question to how a little kid could be so sadistic. The surfer to the right is just trying too hard. Now that I think of it, I am pretty sure this kid flicked me off while I was in Star-buck’s. Fuck you little Hanson.

That’s why I am worried that Rob Zombie will put too much of a character behind the mask. The whole reason that Mike Myers was scary to begin with was that there was no reason. I heard that the new movie will delve deep into Micheal Myers psyche and give reason for his psycho behavior. I just want to leave it that he was that Boogieman. For once there has to be a bad guy that is just evil for no reason! Don’t let me identify with the killer! That’s not scary!

Well, good luck in remaking this timeless classic, Rob. Don’t fuck it up. Samhain is watching.

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  1. Your respect might plummet once I say this, but I am keeping an open mind about the Rob Zombie Halloween movie. I love the movie Devil’s Rejects (I watched this movie before house of 1000 corpses, funny I was disappointed in house of 1000 corpses) and I think this movie is just his opinion on how the Halloween movie should of been like. It’s not like it has replaced it in the libary or something. Most remake movies do completely suck though. Some should be remade like I would love to see (and if I had the money and/or connections I would, seriously I would) a remake of the move Fahrenheit 451. The technology just wasn’t up to snuff at the time and the tv walls would be so much better now then when the original movie was made. You probably haven’t read that book and probably do not know what I am talking about. Whatever Bill.

  2. I understand what you are saying. I just have a nostalgic tie the original Halloween. I am worried that Rob will put too much story behind the mask of Micheal Myers. The less you know about him the scarier it seems. That’s my only take.

  3. I dig the movie and all, but i look at it more as a completly seperate new horror movie than a Halloween flick, I dunno, I agree with your point of him being scarier as a storyless psycho bit i think its more to do with the fact that i can see this new micheal myers running down the ramp to the the cheers and jeers of a WWF crowd instead of trying to jamie lloyd.

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