Mr. Furley, Where Did You Get Those Threads?


It is true that no one can support a neckerchief like Mr. Furley from the 70’s classic, Three’s Company. If I could only find a store that still sells his signature line I would make an earnest effort to resurrect¬† the style. From his wacky belt buckles to multicolored pants, he made a statement. Even if it was a statement of physical comedy.

Sweet Jesus, look at that! Can you imagine that there was a time when you put on a 100% polyester suit and for the finishing touch, stand in front of a mirror and tie on a neckerchief? I wonder who came up with that? I guess that is what happens when your collar is roughly the 4 ft x 4 ft and ties just would be too cumbersome. No, you would need to tie the necktie directly to the neck.

Grrrppleeebblleeeeshshhhpppss……….Huh? Wha? I’m sorry. I think I just had a mild seizure from the color combination Mr. Furley put together. There is something about pale blue, bright orange, and a crazy purple multicolored tie that sends me into spasms. The producers of TV Land should really warn people to have a bite stick at the ready when watching Three’s Company. See? I just broke my Tom Collins glass! Damn it Mr. Furley!

Ah….how could I stay mad at a guy who looks like that? Plaid vests are very disarming.

R.I.P. Don

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