A Tribute To The World Of Richard Scarry.


   I mean look at how awesome this is. What an imagination this guy had! Have you ever seen a pig riding in a hotdog? The irony! Do you think he knows he could possibly be driving in a combination of his relatives assholes? There is even a mouse in a gay rights pen. Say it loud say it proud mouse. Growing up on these books there was no end to the creative world of Richard Scarry.

    Besides the gay mouse and the pig creating irony, you have the chicken in the egg. I think Mr. Scarry was making a statment which came first. As you see there is a chicken driving the egg which states there had to be a chicken to be in an egg to begin with but then again the chicken is driving the egg so then again that is not an egg at all so there for…..I’ve gone cross-eyed.

    The gorilla makes total sense. My good pal Kristiane’s son, Max, said he is his favorite. Good for you Max, me too! He is the only one who seems to get it right. That and Lowely Worm in his apple car. If it met the National Safety Board of Motor Vehicles standard, I would be driving an apple car today.

   The pig in the corn in the cobb. Well, I’m going to go with mildly retarted. I don’t think he can pick up chicks in corn. Maybe it is powered by ethanol? He might be in quest for an alternate source of fuel? Maybe he is smarter than he is letting on? Nah, he looks pretty stupid driving in a corn on the cobb mobile. Fuck you pig.

   I don’t know why but I like the mouse in the pickle. He speaks to me. I think it is because he is so noncomformist in his choice of transportation. You know his buddies are like, “So…is that a Klosen or did you go with Mt. Olive? I hear Mt. Olive has great milage.” Shit, I’m getting tired. I just wrote about mice having a conversation over pickle cars.

  Not much of a tribute but I felt that I needed to tip the hat his direction. It sucks he is dead.

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