A Very Random Halloween Vlog

Ho Boy am I going to probably regret posting this one but I love the season so much, I think this video expresses that feeling far more than words can. I was in the moment this past week so I decided instead of three videos I could just cover everything in one. I haven’t really watched it all the way through because I would most likely not post it. So here is to being an idiot!

Enjoy and enjoy the last weekend of October. I am off to Vegas for business so my last week will be weird at best. Make sure to do something spooky!

I love how the freeze frame of Videopress always manages to get me in a worst position. Assholes.

3 thoughts on “A Very Random Halloween Vlog

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  1. Finally got to watch this and it was worth the wait! Be happy you didn’t go to WalMart, not that I was expecting much, but there stuff this year was pure junk (more than usual)! It’s like you said, pretty much every store, aside from Target, failed this year. Target was below par compared to previous years though and mine never got their candy corn coffee back in stock. I used to make my rounds to a ton of places, but this year nothing stuck out and now most of them have Christmas stuff out…smh. World Market stores have a nice variety of Halloween themed alcoholic beverages, kudos to them for that. They usually have unique stuff.

    Could not agree more about the Spirit stores, glad I’m not the only one.

    Those fruit snacks are addicting. The best were the Peanuts Great Pumpkin ones I got a few years ago. I kept the whole box for myself of course lol

    Hope Vegas goes well, Happy Halloween!!

  2. Will, awesome video, bud. I didn’t even step foot in a Spirit store this year. Enjoyed the informal “rant” format. I love that your love for Halloween sees you eat Halloween fruit snacks when every other fiber of your being is saying not to. Thanks for the plug, too! I guess it makes me the Mad Scientist of Review!

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