Oh Man…

It is Saturday and I sit here behind my computer just struggling to come up with a great topic to write about and I can’t. I think creativity has been stripped from me and I really want it back. So, instead of writing about one thing, I am going to brain dump a lot on you and the randomness will be like something you have never seen. So put your lap-belt on.

I really miss the Halloween season and I know that is a huge nerd thing to say at age 32  but it is true. I found myself cruising old X-E Halloween articles this morning and I was yearning for cider, pumpkins, John Carpenter, and amazing K-Mart retail gold. But it is only March and to wish Halloween here means I would want 6 months to skip by and that’s another step closer to 33. So, perhaps I will have my own private Halloween in April. Even David Bowie day is still months off. Mother!

If you are ever bored or want some feel-good time killers I can not recommend strongly enough to cruise over to Review the World and hit up Brian’s articles and videos. It’s a really fun place that makes you appreciate all the little things. My favorites videos are these three. I just love how positive life is for Brian and I’ll say it. It’s inspirational.Plus, I write for him from time to time. I might have another one on the way there soon. I’ll let you know.

I had a dream last night that my car’s engine caught fire and I was stranded at a youth’s church lock-in. I can’t decide which would be worse now that I think about it. I will say, it was nice to wake up and look out the window to see my car was still all together. What the Hell is going on in my life that I dream that shit?

I am about to order Chinese food and that makes me so happy I will do a dance of joy. Please wait.

Alright, I am back. About Chinese food. I think I might break the norm and not go Kung Pao tonight even though I love it. No, I think tonight I will go crazy and get something completely different. But I am not sure what. Oooo, this is so crazy! I need to get out more, huh?

*2 Hours later*

Got the Spicy Beef. Not so great and not so spicy. I would say C minus. What are you going to do? At least my fortune said people where talking about me in a good way. Thanks everyone!

Off to watch Drag Me To Hell! I have heard good things and as a Sam Raimi fan, I have high hopes. Have a great night. I’ll be here, just messing with my cat. She’s a good sport.

10 thoughts on “Oh Man…

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    1. I have always hated March for some reason. It’s a period of discontent and anxiety and I have no idea why. I feel like life always goes topsy turvey during this time. Strange, huh?

  1. How did you like Drag Me to Hell? I enjoyed it, and thought it was fun! I can’t believe how long it is ’til Halloween…depressing, and I remember when you turned me on to that Halloween site, so much fun stuff on there! 🙂

    PS: I had to stare at that first picture for a while and stop myself from laughing before I could continue reading your post 😉

    1. I really liked the movie. It’s nice to see a little Evil Dead back in the mainstream. Loved the evil goat!

      I laughed for a while about that too. 😀

  2. Swear to GOD I have that first picture sitting in a file on my computer, just waiting for the perfect moment to present itself. Seriously, we are related.

    FYI I am in Vancouver now, which means I have easier access than ever to your Diet Cherry Pepsi and other such treats. Target is my life.

  3. Hey Will!

    I found your site through a link of “Favorite Blogs” from a commenter.
    I had to laugh, that the first thing I read was your “I really miss the Halloween season…” paragraph.

    I, too, would get the blahs in March and desire for Halloween-time, revisiting old X-E postings… and then I finally just made my own site.

    So come on over to HalloweenAddict.com and poke around. Maybe I can help stave off the Ides of March and help with Halloween withdrawal.

    From one Halloween Addict to another…

    1. Hey Steve!

      Actually, I am quite the stalker on your site. Been there a number of times. I should really just put you on the blogroll. Thank you for dropping by and thanks even more for creating such an amazing site!

  4. Just saw this and wanted to say thank you! I’m really glad some of the joy and awe of life we attempt to interject into our material over at RtW has brightened your day (any day). Thanks for plugging some videos, too! It’s a beautiful, sunny, Sunday afternoon — going to go take a walk and indulge on some quality surroundings. Thanks again. Talk to you soon! Be well.

    1. No Brian, the pleasure is all mine. RtW is a staple in my “feel-good” stops. I love what you and your team does. Thank you for all of it. I love curling up on the couch between Travel Channel commercials and watching what really makes the world go round. And that is all the great little things in life. Keep it going. We all love it.

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