Hmm… One Wonders

Does it make me a bad person if I want to be Cousin Geri from the “Facts Of Life” for Halloween? Because, I can live with that.


16 thoughts on “Hmm… One Wonders

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  1. With your luck, I would vote against that. Just sayin. You would be 10,000 times more likely to run into someone who really has cerebal palsy. It would almost guarantee it.

    1. Oh shit…didn’t even think about that.

      I got it! I could be a mutated hybrid of all of them; Geri, Joe’s transgender, Tootie’s tootie, Blair’s hair and what’s her face’s face. Oh! And Mrs. Garrett’s voice.

  2. My sister had severe Cerbral Palsey. My family and I were taking care of her all of her life, wiping her nose, feeding her, changing her diapers, all the way up to when she passed away on her 17th birthday and buried a couple of days later on my 20th birthday. Your costume would not be offensive at all, even to a guy who’s sister was in a whellchair her whole life. I say go for it.

    1. Oh wow. I am really sorry man. Please don’t think I was making fun of CP. I was just ripping on Facts of Life.
      I deal with neuro disorder fields all day. I can be cross at times. Just feel for those who don’t have the oppertunity for a normal life.

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