Battle of the Paranormal Shows. We Have a Winner!

What the hell is going on with so many shows about ghosts and the paranormal lately? There are literally twenty shows that have some sort of investigative or first-person account of ghosts and hauntings right now in production. Actually, I bet I am low-balling that number. For the most part, I am pretty happy about these programs because, who doesn’t like a spooky tale this time of the year? There is nothing I like more than to get settled on the couch with a glass of brew, turn on a show that is mostly in night vision and learn about the history of an old inn or dilapidated hospital. To me, they are almost like history programs and the pay off of ghostly evidence is just a bonus. But of all these shows, there is only one that truly creeps me out. My Ghost Story.

You had me at "Warning".

Recently I have learned that the Bio Channel is not Lifetime. Honestly, I assumed Lifetime, WE, Bravo and the Bio Channel were all the same. Just since this past September did I learn that the Bio Channel is the deliverer of all things down right scary and it is because of the show My Ghost Story. Right away this program separates itself from the ridiculously dressed Ed Hardy figure, Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures and the painfully boring Ghost Hunters, with words that will make me miss my mouth when playing a game of Cheez-it catch like “disturbing”. And you know what? A few of these episodes are a little disturbing.

I think what separates this show from all other types of paranormal shows are the real photographs and videos. I mean, take it for what it is. Any of this could be fake but after watching a few of these episodes I am hard pressed to believe that every one is a hoax.

The show has the real people telling you their experiences without actors or drawn out reenactments. There is no narrator or host but rather a simple text explaining who these people are and after their story, what the present situation is. More than not, their situation never gets better. I know this is selfish, but I like it better that way. Such a dick I am! The whole show has creepy ambiance that one can’t help but look over one’s shoulder, try not to peer at the dark windows and keep a close ear for any noises from upstairs. I am not going to lie, this show has been in my mind when the dog has to pee at 2am.

So, with so many paranormal shows out there, why is this the one that makes me want to sleep with rosary beads? I think it is a combination of the first-person accounts with the witnesses and tangible evidence. The tales, whether true or not, are just unnerving. It seems that all the “ghost chaser” shows like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, there is too much emphasis on the crew and the spooky feeling is completely lost.  Lately, these shows are ether tear jerkingly boring or laughably idiotic. My Ghost Story may not make you a believer but I promise you, next time you are in a basement alone,you’ll want to stay away from the mirrors!

If you want to watch this, and I suggest you do, it airs pretty often on the Biography channel. Actually, this coming Saturday a whole new season starts. But if you can’t wait and want to know what I am talking about, there are full episodes on YouTube.

I love you YouTube. I like pina coladas and getting drunk in the rain. I am not into yoga and I have half a brain. Please marry me.


Here is another review from the Dundee Seasonal Pack. This time I try the porter and chat about my favorite horror selection for Halloween. Please excuse the babbling.

My finger looks like a ghost. Wait a minute…

23 thoughts on “Battle of the Paranormal Shows. We Have a Winner!

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  1. We don’t get this so-called “Bio” channel here in the ghetto.

    I guess I am also a dick because I prefer it when the people on TV never get a better situation. If everything was fine, I wouldn’t bother watching. Who wants to look at happy, satisfied people? Not THIS dick.

    1. I actually met Zak from Ghost Adventures a couple years ago. Exactly what you would expect. But, he is a nice person and found his spot in life…with death. 😐

  2. I’ll have to check out the show. Mostly because I think some of those other haunted shows have soured me on that type of thing. I absolutely believe in ghosts and all that but the shows themselves seem to just be a bunch of guys running around reading way too much into things, and there is very rarely a result. But, if this one involves actual photos and videos and things, I’m totally down with that.

    As for scares, I agree with everything you said. For me personally, I would also add Reverend Kane from Poltergeist 2, Zelda from Pet Sematary, and pretty much the last half of George Romero’s Day of the Dead. All of those things scared me senseless as a kid, and to some extent, still do.

    I just picture Rev as sounding like my friend Sally. They’re the same person now.

    1. Brother, this show kicks ass. It’s all on YouTube also. It’s petty entertaining.

      Rev is like Matt to me; I know they have NY accents but I can’t imagine it.

      Did you know Zelda was played by a man? Truth.

      1. I don’t think I have any NY accent. XEMatt definitely does, though. Which is funny because I think he’s from Staten Island, the borough most New Yorkers ackowledge as actually being a part of some other planet and not NYC.

    2. Your friend Sally and Rev have overlap? I find it hard to conjure the existence of another Rev-like creature. And that is, of course, a compliment.

      I’m officially intrigued by My Ghost Story. I thought I had seen it, but apparently had it confused with one of the other Ghost Occurrence programs. Also, I think you need to do whatever you have to do to get your ghost story on there, Bill. The one you told a few years ago on XE about the bar with the missing staircase? It was one of the best ghost stories I ever heard. I copy and pasted it in an email for two of my ghost obsessed friends.

      1. Thank you, that is precisely how I choose to take statements of that nature. As a compliment, whether they were intended to be or not.

        Sally and I are like twins that were separated at birth, but she got all the tact and class, and I got all the….forehead, I guess.

      2. Velouria, we are actually going back there this weekend! I am taking Natalie to the Pirate House and Moon River Brewery. Want anything from Savannah?

        You’ll love My Ghost Story. A lot of those accounts are so similar to my own, it seriously gives my chills. Pretty creepy stuff.

      3. I had to speak to someone at work today who had the cutest Staten Island accent I’ve ever heard. I thought it was just adorable. I REALLY want Rev to sound like that, but I don’t think I could get that lucky.

        And yes, I told Rev recently that she’s the NY doppelganger to my friend Sally who I’ve known for about 10 years. I made the mistake of telling Sally the same thing, and then they became Facebook friends. My worlds completely collided and I think the universe may implode upon itself as a result. The similarities between the two of those terrify me.

      4. We get along just great, too, Deej. In fact we spent a good few hours one afternoon, e-mailing each other back and forth FAR FROM YOUR PRYING EYES. Sally is lovely, like me but so much nicer. You should bring her and her man when you visit. Well all have so much fun together. You, her husband, my husband, and the SallyRev Monster Hybrid Creature from Outer Space! RAAAH

      5. I don’t think Sally is here – no, using my telekinetic connection to her I am certain she’s not.

        You know, Sifu says that when certain conditions are right, I turn into another woman, named “Claire”. I don’t think I like the sound of this Claire. I’ll find things put in the wrong place or certain unexplained injuries to my person, and Sifu will say, “That’s Claire’s doing. Talk to Claire about that.” And I’m starting to think he might not be joking about that.

        Maybe Sally’s in on it too.

  3. So I watched the show last night. Honestly, I kept my light on until I felt comfortable enough to brush my teeth. Still love Ghost Adventures for their idiot personalities and childish enthusiasm. But I made up my mind. I’m never going on a ghost hunt….

  4. Is Ghost Adventures the show where the douschbag-looking guy goes into “haunted” places and tries to antagonize the ghosts into doing something? If so, I hate that show and I hate that guy.
    Ghost Hunters useta be good, but it’s just so boring now, and it seems like, more and more, they are abandoning the original principle of trying to prove that a place is not haunted. It seems like it’s the opposite now, and it kinda comes off as fake a lot of times.
    Remember that show with the English parapsychologist chap? BBC proved that he was a charlatan, so now I guess he’s busy doing commercials or something.

    Do you like that show, “A Haunting”? It seems similar to this show (which I haven’t seen, but will now go check out on youtubes). These are my favorite kinds of “ghost shows”; the ones with personal accounts, and no bullshit “investigators”. They seem more real, and thus more scary.
    Sorry for the already-too-long comment, but I wanted to add that it’s better when things don’t get better for the subjects because it seems way more realistic, because if ghosts are real, it seems like things wouldn’t get any better until someone truly invents an ecto containment unit.

  5. I like all three ghost shows – plus others. BTW, that’s a really cool KISS shirt!
    Enjoy the real beer. Back to more ghost shows for me.

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