The Fall Beer Vlog 2011: Part 1

Well, here it is. The first of five beer review videos featuring the Dundee Seasonal Craft Beer Pack. I didn’t plan on reviewing another seasonal pack but I couldn’t pass this one up. Why not you say? Because this beer holds a certain nostalgic place in my heart. You see, this was the first seasonal pack I reviewed some five years ago when I inadvertently started a tradition of drinking beer for the reason of celebrating Halloween and carving random items like peppers, pineapples and  Triscuit boxes. So, I figured I needed to try each one in a video that is far too long, most likely redundant and you can watch me get progressively more intoxicated. But it isn’t just beer that I will be discussing. During these reviews I will talk about Halloween shows, movies, memories and other topics that I really want you to become involved in. Watch these and tell me about your Halloween favorites in either the comments below or on the site where is says “SAY HI”.

Oh, and I know “Friend’s” on the site is wrong. But it won’t let me change it. It’s a Wix error, not mine. I swear!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this next week of bonus videos that will be both on here and over in the video section of Veggiemacabre.TV. Be well my friends.

4 thoughts on “The Fall Beer Vlog 2011: Part 1

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  1. Good one! Great choices of music too.

    Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by American Horror Story too. I think it has a lot of potential.

  2. Thanks Man!!! I am holding out for the inevitable folly that most horror dramas end up becoming. But I am hoping that I am wrong.

  3. Here’s hoping you’ll comment on the best Fried pairings with seasonal beers. I’ll start–not with Fried Kool-Aid. 🙂

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