Sometimes life makes you want to sit back and think about how wonderful all of this is. Like tonight, watching  ALF with someone great.



If only she knew what ALF’s favorite food was.

(I swear this will not turn into a cat blog. Just too great not to share)

24 thoughts on “ALF ATTACK

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  1. Awesome.
    Have you given her a name yet? I didn’t know if you actually went with ‘Baby’ or ‘Swazye’ or? (don’t read that as “or did you name her question mark”?)

  2. That IS too cute to pass up!! Awww, how adorable!

    When I had my big garage sale this year I ran across an old Alf doll one of the kids had. Wow! I had forgotten about that show! Are they still running reruns somewhere?

  3. That is so cool! Even though when people watch videos w/o them being on fullscreen that irritates me. Also when the cursor is right in the middle of the video! wtf? I had a friend a few years ago he said his dad loved ALF and walking around the neighborhood he would say I don’t see any cats around here I see ALF must of been here earlier! lol! He was so disappointed when that show went off the air!

      1. In the early 2000’s there was a made for tv movie starring ALF that I remember watching. It was ALF goes to the white house or some schtick like that. That is the most recent ALF appearance I know of.

  4. if you turned your blog into a kitty blog, I would be your number one fan…just sayin 😉

    And I love that you love Alf! You always have the best “TV taste” 🙂

  5. I used to be a cat person, then I got a dog.
    Dogs listen, cats ignore. I need to feel needed, dammit!
    So Dogs win for me now.

    Not to say that I dislike my three cats, it’s just that I can take the dog out on a leash- and if I tried that with them I’d have more claw marks than fingers.

    Cats snuggle way better, tho- I’ll concede on that front.

    1. I am more of a dog person too. My cat listens to no one.

      “No! Put down that bagel!” Nothing…

      But she is a snuggle freak. Every night she has to be right next to me. I love it.

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