Movies That Don’t Hold Their Tunes

You know what? I have not done a post like this in some time. I guess I forgot my roots or maybe it’s the fact that Matt from X-E hasn’t updated his site very much. Or at all. I will save that heartache for another day. But for now, someone has to pick up the flag and charge it ahead screaming, “I want people to read my opinions over shit that makes no difference!”. So today as I sit in my office, taking an earned brake from the stresses that stress others but not me, I will write about….movie themes that are scarier than the movie.

  1. “Laurie’s Theme” from the movie Halloween:

I love this theme in the movie Halloween. It had a way of creeping you out in sense that even though it was day, there was a sense of impending doom after nightfall. Well, that’s how I felt when I saw it on Channel 46, mid-October, one Saturday afternoon many years ago. Since then this little piano tune that John Carpenter created has brought many memories of hayride smells, cider, pumpkins and latex masks. The entire mood of autumn is in these few notes. That and the intro to The Great Pumpkin.

2. The Shining

I think I am in the majority that claims the movie The Shining was not as terrifying in the way it has been portrayed. You can ask almost anyone that hates horror movies and they will tell you The Shining is the exception. And it’s the exception because it is smart and tolerable to many cinematric-snobbies. (made both those words up)

The musical score, however, is bone chilling. Perhaps it is the foreboding, heavy brass that paints this picture that a small nuclear family is going face to face with a giant in the form of isolation, impassable roads, unlivable temperatures and a hotel with dark secrets. Or maybe it’s just the damn creepy wailing between the brakes in music. Regardless, it is hard to listen to alone at night and as far as I am concerned, way creepier than the film itself.


Ok, I have an artistic license to contradict myself here and say that in this case, the music is not a scary as the movie was. But still, I think John Williams deserves an honorable mention for trying because no matter where I am; pool, lake, ocean, tub, sprinkler; this score is playing in my head.This has always been a theme for something or someone that is inevitably about to be devoured. Whether it is shark vs. man, lion vs. zebra, or me vs. broccoli, I owe John Williams kudos for giving predators the ultimate theme song.

And it’s PG?!?!?! We were a lot tougher back in the day, huh?

4. Amittyville Horror

The more I watch this movie the more I realize that this could have been made to be far more frightening. They tried to remake it a few years ago but I won’t even try to trash it because it’s not worth the efforts of my fingers. That being said I will give a standing ovation supported by a golf clap for the theme music. Very disturbing and like the theme to Steven Spielberg’s (Tobe Hooper, really) Poltergeist, kids singing “laa laa laa” is always unnerving. Especially when you have an overactive imagination like mine and you assume those are dead kids singing from your backyard at night.

By the way, the sequel is way more scary. It has possession, Catholic guilt, evil, incest, family violence and murder all wrapped into one hour and forty five minutes. Hooray for boobies. I don’t know…

Well, this was short and sweet but I felt that I needed to get something up and keep it in theme to what I love: all nonsense. And how annoying is it that YouTube redirects you to YouTube when you want to watch a video? Why can’t everything be how I want it?

Oh! And now I am in Moscow. Moscow, Idaho that is. Look it up because it might be the source for more “ripping on Idaho” posts. So far I like it a hell of a lot more that where I was but the other night I was almost accosted by interpretive dancers. No shit.

12 thoughts on “Movies That Don’t Hold Their Tunes

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  1. Nice!

    I was just thinking about the intro to the Great Pumpkin the other day. And how crazy is this…I actually patented the term “snobby-cinematrics”!.

    I try to incorporate it as much as possible into my everyday convo so I don’t lose it…

    Can’t wait to hear about Moscow!


  2. The only thing I can say is I watched the Shining for the first time when I was an adult about 5 years ago and I love it. I watched it with my younger cousin he was 12 at the time it was his first adult horror movie. The scariest he has ever watched is probably Harry Potter and shit like that. I am so proud I watched it with him! I skipped over the naked lady part, I warned him first and he started freaking out. He is a very sensitive boy and his mother has him on a short leash.

    I looked up Moscow because I am obsessed like that. Same distance as before just different direction. I was so nervous though when you said you were moving so it’s a relief!

      1. He freaks out at the idea of seeing a girl naked so I had to skip over it. I didn’t want him telling his mother that i made him watch something with nudity or my ass would of been so in trouble!

  3. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the Shining, and I don’t remember that (creepy) intro at all, so I’m going to have to rent it out again soon.

    Or “stream” it in? I dunno I feel so unhip by still renting movies.

    And The Great Pumpkin theme song really brings me back! Crisp air, crackly leaves, and woolly sweaters. I love fall.

    1. Please rent it. Gets better every time I see it.

      The Great Pumpkin intro will always symbolize Autumn on the East coast. I miss it.

    1. Ah yeah. That scene made me jump straight out of the seat. I would have loved to have been in the theater in 1975 when that happened.

  4. I agree with everything here, and great whites…no, the thought of great whites…no, the mere inkling of a whisper of half a thought of great whites terrify me six ways to Sunday.

    Sounds like the music of Moscow, Idaho is a little scary itself.

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