I Need A List

Of pure joy and happiness. Let’s see….

  • New shoe smell
  • Season one through five of the Simpson’s.
  • Drinking Perrier outside after a long, hard run.
  • Chinese food at midnight
  • Connecting with people even though you have never met them in person
  • Noticing Malcolm In The Middle is now on Nick@Nite.
  • Moving the fuck off this goshdarn mountain.
  • IMG_0707Priorities and where they are.
  • Being read to sleep. Still love it.
  • Playing Cat Stevens on guitar and singing in private. In private.
  • Finding out by our fire engine has a touch of Optimus Prime in it.


  • Throwing down a business card and saying “no…you call me”. I’m kidding. Or am I? No, I am. Maybe.
  • A few of my favorite things.
  • Finally having a clean car because I am moving off this fucking mountain!
  • Reading Calvin and Hobbes at age 31.


  • Living in a town of higher learning. (I’m a liberal guy at heart)
  • Coming to the resolution that I can not count down the days of my life but rather appreciate the one I’m on. No more working for the weekend.
  • Organic almonds. I swear they taste 10x better. Maybe it’s the organic spray?
  • Finding the perfect coffee shop with free WiFi. Fuck Starbucks. Fuck…Starbucks.
  • This dog


  • Went running the other day and spotted two girls taking my picture with their cellphones. That’s a little creepy but come on, how can one not like that?
  • College town art in small businesses.
  • Door knockers. Just dig ’em. It’s a lost art that I really want to bring back.


39 thoughts on “I Need A List

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  1. DUDE! Where are you moving to?

    I like almonds as well, I always get the organic kind, cause that’s all they have in the raw version. I eat them like popcorn. Mmmm.

  2. so you’ve moved? away from the hell hole I’m forced to live in as well for four years?! I’m jealous.

  3. Starbucks is definitely not the place to go for free internet. I found this out the hard way.

    That dog is fricking adorable.

    Door knockers are awesome, because knocking on a door with your hand can be very painful. I’ve taken to using my key ring to knock on people’s doors if they don’t have a doorbell.

  4. Once upon a time, I owned all the original Calvin & Hobbes books. I read them so much that the book spines cracked. Then my brother took them all. That was about a decade ago. I’ve recently been inspired to slowly try to build my collection back up – I think Borders is trying to help.The last few times I’ve been to Borders, there have been some Calvin & Hobbes books on the bargain shelves. I got three of the later books (“There’s Treasure Everywhere,” “The Days Are Just Packed” and “It’s A Magical World”) for $5 each.

    Nice Labyrinth knocker, by the by.

    1. Very rarely does something so simple make me so happy. Calvin and Hobbes is one of them. I commend your quest to unite the volumes.

      Good call! 10 points.

      1. Ditto on the simple pleasures.

        Good luck on the move. I’m doing the same in a couple days. Am currently living in a land where packed boxes have taken over the floor space. Hope your move isn’t as tedious/long/involved as mine.

  5. My first look at your room had me thinking “why does he have a chalk board and an abnormally large camera tripod?” I looked again and realized that you don’t. Good luck with the move. Packing is what I’ve been up to today. *eye roll and grr*

  6. I’m happy that you used “fuck” and “goshdarn” in the same sentence. I’m sad that the dog will be alone on the mountain again.

    1. I might be alone but cringe when I let a GD fly. Not saying I don’t do it but most often a “fuck” will be better than eternal damnation.

      I’m going to miss that dog so bad. He’s a good boy.

  7. Hey, I recently moved south as well – about 20 mins south of the Roswell/Gnome Castle town. Are you able to remember the town names since you became a northerner? 🙂
    I hope you find some fancy book-learnin’ types in your new place.
    (You’re never too old to read Calvin & Hobbes.)

  8. Can’t believe you’re leaving your mountain in the hands of others. I guess all things come to pass….

  9. Your going away? 😥

    I would love to look down at you tucked away underneath a fluffy blanket while I read you a great children’s book filled with wonderful illustrations. Because I like awkward moments in life. I would make sure you had a glass of decaffeinated tea before going to bed. I would be the best fake mommy ever. You would some nights have to act like your asleep while I would be staring at you. I can’t believe I am never going to meet you…

    BTW I just watched labyrinth this afternoon. Always a good way to kill an hour and a half.

  10. I was debating between Labyrinth and Mary Poppins for the door knocker…looks like Jodi called it.

    Great list. Good luck with your move. After my recent move, I vowed never again but I’m sure I’ll break that one someday.

  11. Good luck on the move, there.

    The next time you’re riding in the fire truck, you should scream, “Transform and roll out!” just before you take off.

    I share your love of door knockers, especially the cool one you have pictured there, but I hate mine. It makes the most horrendous sound ever and is SO EFFING LOUD. I’ve told everyone to just knock because that sound makes my ears bleed.

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