Bar Fun In Idaho

Last week I pulled a late one at the bar. You would probably know this from my drunk post. Every so often you need to let the hair down a little and have a mid week blow out. I’m not as young as I used to be and this late night cost me plenty. And by cost me plenty I mean I got sick (flu-ish) and felt 80 for a week. Take a look.

It’s nice to have a good buddy who is a bartender. Buuuuut, I don’t drink and drive so at 1am, this guy passes out the shots like a Jehovah’s Witness passes out pamphlets. Any other place this would be welcome but I live on a mountain guarded by deer and bigfeet. The last thing I want to do is wake up to find I ran over the missing link in the great Northwest.

If you are with a group of your friends, especially these guys, don’t be the first one to pass out at the bar. Well, it’s never good to fall asleep at the bar to begin with but work hard, play hard and all these guys are firefighters. It’s a long day and after 1am, I suppose a nap maybe needed. But nap at your own risk because….

….you may become a sundae. I kind of feel bad about this one. Who am I kidding? This is hilarious. And believe it or not, the cherry stayed on for over an hour. I had 5 dollars on 20 minutes. Poor Ted. He was really tired and after he woke up, he wasn’t even mad about the whipped cream in his hair. He was too busy puking in the urinal.

That’s two! It’s not everyday you can witness two people nappinating at the bar. And now I can’t decide which is weirder; the fact two guys passed out within minutes of each other or the fact I took pictures. But I only had three beers under my belt and a clear head to archive this just for you. And if you like that, you’ll love the next place we went called The Slab. A real honky-tonk club.

Shut up!!! We walked in and it was straight out the movies. A smokey bar, eight foot ceilings, the band was playing a Dwight Yoakam cover, we were the only ones without a cowboy hat and they only served Budweiser and Budlight. Last year I was in South Beach, paying $7 for a Michultra in a club that required at least a $200 minimum cover on the credit card. This year I am paying $1.50 in a bar full of cowboys, smoke jumpers and truckers and it is cash only. I prefer the latter.

I don’t have any words for this. All I can say is…….perfection. If only this came in a t-shirt. Because this would be the Christmas present for everyone. And you would have to wear it whenever you are with me.

Thank you all for the well wishes. Mom did great and is recovering. They expect her to be home before the week ends so all is good. You people are the greatest. 😉

8 thoughts on “Bar Fun In Idaho

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  1. A TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR cover??? I can’t believe there are places like that that aren’t reserved for celebrities!

    Very funny post. Thanks for showing an East Coastie what Idaho is like.

  2. I can’t wait to get really drunk this weekend. I’ve been good about not drinking too much and being all healthy and going to the gym everyday…blah, blah.

    I desperately need to be in a drunken stooper and soon. So, me and my friend are going to drink ourselves retarded. Good times!

    You have to have a good ol’ get loaded night, now and again.

  3. I love the BOOBS shirt!

    I think my favorite places to go out to are the ones that look like you just stepped back in time. The last picture in your article shows that IMO.

    This sounds like something a mother would say but I am so glad that you made friends. You have a rat pack now 😀

    I liked D Fresh’s Boob’s shirt too. He’s a funny dude. This place is like stepping back to 1983. So strange.

  4. I love that you said “nappinating.” I’ve only ever heard a couple other people besides myself use that word. Fantastic!

    Oh yeah, that is a common phrase for me. Which makes you cooler for saying that too. Thanks Megs!

  5. I got rip-roaring drunk the other night for the first time in forever. A friend called me cause she was at work and had just gotten off and didn’t want to go home. She works at a restaraunt and decided to hang out at the bar for a while after work. So, I met up with her there and many, many drinks later we ended up going to another bar, having a few more, and then hanging out at a cemetary in the middle of the night. After running around and giving each other piggy back rides we retired to the car where we sat there among the tombstones for a couple of hours just talking about everything you talk about when you’re drunk at 2:00am. Some of it was just silly and some was incredibly serious. I seem to remember some awkward making out at one point as well. Oh, what a scene. I drove her car back to her place where we promptly crashed and slept well until the next afternoon. She spent most of the next day sleeping on her couch while I sat next to her in a chair reading a Rolling Stone magazine. After sleeping off her hangover, she drove me back to my car which was still at the restaurant and I finally headed home at like 6:00 that evening, still somewhat hung over. There’s something about the fact that I’m turning 31 in 2 weeks. I think it means that I can drink a lot more than I used to without stupidly passing my limit…but it also means the next day is rough. Very, very rough.

    Heh, heh. Your shirt says Boobs.

    Those are the greatest nights, aren’t they? Nights of booze, good friends, odd make outs, fun stories, ect… All good times.

  6. This reminded me that there is a Budweiser plant there in Idaho Falls. I was always happy to see it because I was getting close to the turn I needed and close to getting out of the car. Talk about a boring drive. And I have to say the pics were pretty funny especially the guy as a human sundae.

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