Second Verse….

To all my Villanova MBA pals, I have finished my Six Sigma term paper and it only took the better part of 2 months to do it. I know that is far less than others and for that, I am sorry. But, I am going to crack open a beer and think of you who are not finished.

I’m back on flight status this coming Thursday so if anyone needs some help with Six Sigma email me at Thanks for reading my nonsense!

4 thoughts on “Second Verse….

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  1. I have no clue what that all means but congrats! It sounds like a great accomplishment! It sounds like what you are doing with your life is hard, but the transition is for your career and for the better because you are filling the void in your life your career fills. Chick talk for wooohooo your about to fly the good planes now buddy!!

  2. I wish that’s what it means. This is just a net that will keep me from being laid off some day. It doesn’t really do more than that and believe it or not, it is nothing more than reading tons of books and regurgitating information. Jodi, you cold do this with your eyes closed.

  3. Thank you Billy for thinking that I cold do anything like that with my eyes closed 🙂 I actually am bad at reading tons of books. Tests I am horrible at, that is why I am putting off going to college. But if and when I get into the Army National Guard next year them paying for my college will inspire me enough to go and do well. I also Kinda regret not doing well in school except for the last year and a half. I wish I tried more and seen how well I could of really done. But everybody has regets like that in life.

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