Ride On

It will be a Rock and Roll Damnation when AC/DC stops playing arena shows. I can’t describe the feeling when Let The Be Rock blares from the collasium walls and 68,000 fans scream “Angus” as five Ausies and one Scot bring the Gods of Rock to Earth. Whether you are a fan of rock or not, to see these guys live is an expirience like no other. Sure I have seen Metallica blow up the stage, Paige and Plant summon the Hammer of the Gods and Black Sabbath summon Satan himself, but when Angus is solo on stage with his Gibson SG, birds stop in flight and the world spins backwards. As you can tell, I love AC/DC and this is what they mean to me. Larry Hulst is an amazing photographer. http://www.hulstphotography.com

Now I am more of a Bon Scott fan than a Brian Johnson fan but that is neither here nor there because when it comes to rock, the chemistry is about as close to perfection as one can get. It is unfortunate that Bon passed away but his spirit is present at every show AC/DC plays. Let’s be honest, did you expect a rock icon like Bon Scott to retire in Boca Raton and pick up golf and shuffle board? Hell no! He set the standard for a frontman tits up manuever and is immortalized in heavy, balls out rock.

I think I will skip the detailed history of AC/DC because anyone can read about it from any number of sources and I would just be regergatating it here. So instead, I hope I can inspire someone to either get “Sin City” on a streaming download or better yet, go buy an album. When this is done, shut the doors, turn up the volume, hit play and strap on your air guitar. When the last chord is struck, tell me your rock and roll release hasn’t been fullfilled. I dare you.

Oh yeah, what AC/DC means to me: Quite a lot! I would eat my own arm to hang out with Malcom and Angus Young. Seriously. I would eat me arm.

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