UTZ Spicy Wavy Tabasco Chips


Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me! These have been out for a long time and most likely will not be going anywhere so why would I include these on the page, “For A  Limited Time Only”? Well, they are new to me and I eat potato chips about as often as the equinox. Okay, that’s not true but I really try not to shove chips in my face. It’s a personal choice.

UTZ has a special history with me. I remember during my high school years I went on a ride with my Uncle Mark and his best pal, Jim. The two were a couple of goofy guys but their excitement over the little things in life really brought me to stop and smell the roses. I definitely miss them.

Anyway, on a trip (or trek) to Bass Pro Shop in Allentown, PA we made a detour to the UTZ packaging plant. Before I knew it we were dressed in lab coats, hair nets, goggles and hard hats and toured the facility. Looking back I was pretty confused over the excitement of UTZ packaging but as a Pennsylvania staple, this was the mecca of the pretzel. I guess that is why I love Marc Summers so much.


So what about these chips? Well, I do love Tabasco so already I know these can’t evoke hatred unless there is a dead bird in the bag. If that happens I guess I will be a very rich man so maybe hatred is a strong word. No, these chips would have to kill me for me to dislike them. But then how would I dislike them if I was de- NEVERMIND!!! I am sure these are just tits!

Right away that signature tang of the Tabasco sauce hits your mouth like a 80-year-old driving through a farmers market. There is no mistake it is Tabasco sauce either. I come from the hometown of Texas Pete (I live in NC not in TX so wrap your head around that) and there is a definite difference in the two sauces. It’s almost like a spicy salt and vinegar chip which is a very good thing! All three elements in this chip will keep a person eating these for three days straight. Dangerous.

I can’t leave these chips without addressing that the bag is dressed like a Tabasco sauce bottle. Also, it looks like it could be perfect Christmas wrapping paper. I’ll keep that in mind for next year’s company Christmas party. “Look! I got you chips!”

Over all I think these chips are up there with the kings of junk food like Doritos and Funyuns. They won’t burn through the bottom of your jaw and land on your lap but they do have a little bit of a kick. A tangy addictive kick that will double up your consumption as well as chins. This truly is what potato chips are all about. In fact, if I was a potato I think my last request would to be…I’ll stop. Go out and try these. I promise they won’t make you go out and commit crime.

Speak to me, Egor.

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