VeggieMacabre’s Favorite Horror Movies EVAR! Project.

Here I go again starting a new project to spice things up in the bedroom. Well, if that happens to be where you cruise the internet. Anyway, I have decided to shoot quick little videos all about my favorite horror movies, why I love them and even some little known facts about them. I have loved this genre since it was still sociably acceptable to piss my pants (looking at you, Scooby Doo) so I think now that I have just enough the video experience and no life, I can finally spread the joy to wonderful people like you.

Watch this intro in to the big ol’ project that will include probably 100 movies, shows and commercials that have spooked me to no end. I am pretty stoked to kick this off.

So you see, I want your input just like the other pages. Shoot a video telling the world how you made a cow sound during Sixth Sense. I’ll post it here and we can all laugh WITH you about your misfortune.

Tonight I am starting this series out with Tobe Hooper’s classic, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I am not airing these videos in any particular order so this one actually ranks really high on not only the scary scale but also the most memorable. You will see why in this video blurb but seriously, I made half of the males in my fifth grade class too scared to venture west of Alabama for the rest of their lives.

Come and watch why The Texas Chainsaw Massacre not only scared me from Texas but BBQ in general. (just kidding. I would sell my soul for brisket)


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  1. Hey Will!
    Way to kick things off PROPER!
    Man, you nailed it- I first saw this when I was probably about 15, with my two best buds (at my friend’s place that had ‘The VCR’… looong time ago.. ;), and it freakin’ SCARRED me… I was real green, and still REAL impressionable, and I literally had to look away from the screen (a LOT) during the first couple of times we watched it… But I kept.. going.. back.. This was probably the “Gateway” movie that turned the ‘squeamish little church-kid’ that I was, into the ‘horror-freak, Savini-idolizing, wierdo’ that I ultimately became… I never forgot (how the hell COULD you, really) how much this flick got under my skin, and it still does to this day. I recently drove across Texas (Loved It, despite every person ever telling how much I should avoid it), and just as you said- you reeeealy look at all those shacks set back off the road & wonder… hmmmm…?

    A few years back, I got a Real Treat, and I got to not only meet Tobe Hooper (one of my all-time Horror Heroes), but I saw him every day for a month or so, and my GF & I got him to share some stories… (HUGE GEEK GRIN). Some of his Spielberg stories are pretty surprising (well, maybe not that much.. 😉

    He told us that the final ‘scream-out’ scene at the table went on pretty much all night, and by the end the actress really was a bit crazy… (She wasn’t shall we say, the most popular on set, and all involved took some pleasure in her… discomfort at the end of the shoot.. Or so the story goes… 😉

    And by the by- Mr. Hooper is one of the sweetest, quietest and outwardly unassuming guys you’re likely to meet… Angie kept saying she wanted to put him in her pocket & take him home… 😉 What a trip. 🙂

    Really Dig this new series, Dude- Can’t wait to see more!

    Tank -)

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