Mystery and My Nostalgia

I think a few people might share my memory of this PBS show, Mystery. I remember watching the McNeil/Lehrer News Hour with my Dad every night and at some point into the programing came a show which had an intro that mesmerized me. I was just a little kid but the animation was so spooky, it has never left my mind.

The show, which was a British drama, always disappointed me. I am sure it was a fine program but that animated intro hooked me into thinking the whole show was this eerie black and white cartoon. But no, it was a foggy lens British drama that lost my attention faster than a book about the women’s suffrage movement of the 1920’s. I was eight.

It’s fun to look at Edward Gorey’s art now. Not as creepy now that I am an old dude but I love the style. And when I was at work people thought I was watching porno thanks to the moaning lady. That’s a sex sound which would be a deal breaker.

Do you remember this? If so, tell me!

6 thoughts on “Mystery and My Nostalgia

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      1. I can’t tell you how many times I have been fooled by a cool intro, especially as a kid. I definitely remember Mystery! coming on and being sure that some sort Scooby-Dooish action was about to do down. But it never did.

  1. I certainly had the same nostalgia for that! Even down to the uncomfort when the lady in distress would moan. I’d be so embarrassed. (To this day, I get embarrassed around PBS)

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