Sneaky Pete

Hey, I am slowly creeping out of “real work” mode to full-on “horror/Halloween” mode but until that transformation has fully taken place, I need to get the masses excited about what’s been going on. While I haven’t posted much, I will say the content behind the scene here is pretty full and cool. Let me tease you.

So far I have taken about nine road trips in a video series called “Spooky North Carolina” where I visit all the creepy places in my home state. I interview a few pretty cool people including one of the writers for the recently released film, The Conjuring, test my skills in the kitchen from Hell as I prepare the ultimate terrifying cocktails for your Halloween parties and much much much much much much more. Including teaming up with amazing people for joint projects, like Kimmie!

Kimmie is an amazing friend of mine and I have been dying to add her to the VeggieMacabre family and this year looks like the year! She writes for and is witty, hot and a great cook but back off dudes, she’s a married lady.

Here is a taste test of Kimmie who you will be seeing more of as we kick open the doors to the Halloween season. Enjoy!

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