The Halloween That Wasn’t

This year Halloween fell a bit flat. I had such grand plans and a few of them actually came to fruition but life in my field of work doesn’t heed the spooky season need. But I will say that the bright spots really shown even though I failed at turning them into quirky blog posts. Let me share with you:

  • Spent the night in a couple haunted hotels. While I didn’t bump into a restless specter I did find out that my “sleep number” is 32.
  • Drank at least 100 pumpkin ales and I really have become so fond of these beverages that I might shed a tear when they are off the shelves until next late August.
  • I have seen Halloween 5 at least 5 times and Pet Semetery 2 at least 20. I think AMC has an agreement with the directors of these two movies because that is the only reason they air these abortions so often.
  • We did carve a pumpkin! It was the first time I used those sticker-trace thinks that you buy in the singular Halloween aisle at the grocery store. First time and last time.
  • Bought eight different varieties of pumpkin shaped candy this year. They tasted the same as the originals even though they were pumpkin shaped. Disappointment.
  • Found great new Halloween websites like Freddy In Space, 3-D Monster, and of course the launch of Dinosaur Dracula and Matt’s always amazing ‘Halloween Countdown”. Truly a marvel to be enjoyed by all. 
  • Went to an amazing Halloween party with some of my favorite people in the world. And we watched horrible VHS all night and the commentary is better than any episode of Mystery Science Theatre.
  • Finally was able to send Halloween goodies to Tim and Brian for the “Brain and Tim Show” over at Review the World TV. We got to see Tim eat an entire pack of Goulaid pack sans water. 

So tonight, on Halloween, I am supposed to go to a friend’s house to pass out candy but with a tsunami of work due tomorrow I think tonight will be spent on the couch with laptop on lap, The Great Pumpkin on TV, and a few Snikers down the gullet. It’s an end to the 2012 Halloween season and it wasn’t so bad. I’ll still dress up though.

This year I’m going as an asshole.

4 thoughts on “The Halloween That Wasn’t

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  1. Thanks again, Will, the package was awesome and fueled this year’s special. It’s been a good Halloween season on this end, I haven’t hit any of the roadblocks Matt discussed recently, although last night, inexplicably, while in the toy (more specifically the board game) aisle at Target I get hit with this huge Christmas “feeling” that filled me with a warmth that almost made me dizzy. Got real excited thinking of future RtW content inc. possibly sitting in-front of the ‘ol keyboard and hashing out some old school text-based pieces. Be well, bud!

    1. Thanks Brian! The Brian and Tim shows are amazing and thank you for letting me contribute. I am stoked for the Christmas Season that is just days away from beginning. Really great ideas and posts just itching to be written and reviewed. Happy Halloween buddy. Look forward to seeing FB posts of what the little ones are going as.

  2. Happy Sawin, Will/Bill!
    I’m with you- High Hopes, some highlights, to be sure, but over-all… I’m left a little flat… (6 weeks of unemployment sure as hell didn’t help the spirit- but thankfully, failed to kill it completely 🙂

    Halloween Resurrection (the undeniably most unnecessarily contemptuous of ALL things ‘Halloween’ ever DREAMT of- (Thanks, Malek- you greedy whore! (No, I can not blame Moustapha for this abortion, after all the love he’s given us…))) is on AMC right now. (I wasn’t sure that sentence would ever end…)

    The decorations are up, and I’ll carve later… And even though I’m a 6-dollar cab ride from what is billed as the ‘Biggest Halloween Party in the known universe’, I’m not sure I’m going out tonight.

    Assassin’s Creed, a trip to the bank and (haircut?), Night of the Creeps, pumpkin mutilation and Rice-Krispy pumpkin treats- and my ol’ buddy Jimmy Beam may be this year’s swan song. (And the Snickers, of course!)

    Thanks So Much for all the Good Stuff this year (Sincerely)- And good luck coming down off of the Pumpkin Ales!

    Looking forward to better times this X-Mas!

    Best to All (especially Matt & EVERYONE suffering disaster in the East)


    Grimly, Fiendishly,


  3. Thanks Tank! I very merry Hallows Eve to you. Hope you can squeeze a little more spooky before the night is done. At least Tom Atkins will help you out. 😉
    Enjoy it!!!!

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