Hey Punk’n! It’s Pumpkin Beer!

It’s approaching that season and whether we like it or not, it’s time to start talking about Fall beers and what to buy and what to laugh at in the grocery store. Who am I kidding though, “like it or not”? Of course we like it or other wise I wouldn’t be writing and you wouldn’t be reading. So let’s get on with the dance and let me introduce to you the first official “pumpkin” beer of the Fall season 2012, Punk’n by Uintas Brewing Company out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

There is a reason that this beer hits such high marks with me and I’m not going to tell you because it’s in my stupid video. Okay, I will. I love the orange, brown and yellow packaging. I also love the fact it’s a milder pumpkin ale that doesn’t destroy the palate with nutmeg and cinnamon just to shout “I’M SEASONAL! HEAR ME ROAR!” It’s light, not over bearing and when you swallow it, it’s gone. Everything that I deem holy in a craft beverage.

For the specificities of this beer click here for more info. I don’t have the energy to write ABV percentages or the fact that it has cloves from space. All you care about is taste and all I care about is posting a video to make VeggieMacabre’s theme song worth the money I spent on it.

So go out and grab a six-pack of this and relax while watching Friday the 13th part VII. It’s a personal favorite of mine. You know I would never steer you wrong. Well, not intentionally.

10 thoughts on “Hey Punk’n! It’s Pumpkin Beer!

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  1. Ahh… the Season is truly in the air…
    I mean seriously- I can’t seem to stop thinking about it! I’m already looking for H’Ween jukes, and dreaming of Fall days (not that you’d really notice them here in L.A…. Boo!). But your review of this (must now buy) treat is one more bit of evidence that there’s something different about this year… Has Halloween finally become a sentient being? That would explain a lot. The mood seems relentless… Looking forward to sipping this Fine Beverage, as I attempt to throttle-the-hell-back a bit, and savor the last bits of Summ- AW HELL WITH IT! BRING ON THE GORE!!
    -It’s GREAT to have you BACK, Will/Bill!!

    1. Thanks friend! Yes, it’s in the air and there is no denying it. Let’s crack a few of these and see what great flicks of horror are in store! Many more to come!

  2. Still good even without your sex-addict buddy co-hosting. I’ve never had a pumpkin beer, and I should really try and hunt one down this season because i have to permanently swear off carbonated beverages in a few months.

    I’m starting to get into the Fall spirit of things, myself, with the cool nights and mornings here now. Dug out the Halloween decorations, working on a festive door wreath. Gonna order my baby her Princess Leia costume soon. Enjoy F13… I’ve been stuck watching far, far, too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as of late. Not quite as good.

  3. Part 7 is my personal favorite, as I was present for some of the filming. It was filmed about a mile from my parents’ house and I was 11 years old. They invited the community to come watch them blow a house up (a house they had made, not a “real” house). I went, they blew it up, and it was awesome.
    More on topic: this Punk’n beer is WAY better, to me, than the Blue Moon pumpkin beer. Blue Moon’s is just too sweet for me.

    1. That’s so cool! Did you see Jason walking around drinking soda through a straw between shoots?

      I agree. The sweetness gets lost on me. I like a pumpkin beer that you can taste pumpkin and not all nutmeg.

      1. Indeed! Gimme the pumpkin flavor.

        From what I can remember, blowing up the house was the last thing they shot, so I think everyone had gone home and they were kinda working with a skeleton crew. Necessary house demolition crew only. Although for years Crystal Lake stayed painted on the curb at the lake. It may still be there…

        Hmmm… this conversation has just given me ideas for good blog entry. Revisit the scene, compare it with the movie, etc. Maybe I’ll save it for October though.

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