They’re Baaaaack! Fall Beer Review 2012

I know what you’re thinking so don’t even say it; it’s too early. While it is too early to chat Halloween it is not too early to yap about Fall Beer because, shit, it’s already out in the market! I declare this my official duty to tell everyone what is available and drinkable that is orange, black and alcoholic. You can say it’s a silly hobby but I say your haircut is silly. I kid, it looks fine.

The first review of 2012 I bring you Blue Moon’s annual Autumn sample pack. I have reviewed these in the past but this year they did a little something different. Listening to their fan base, the company allowed a select number of Blue Moon drinkers to choose this year’s flagship beer and man, they did good. They did real good. I only review this pick because to review the others would be dull and to be honest, nine minutes of me yapping is too much. Let me present you with this year’s Blue Moon Fall Beer that is 100% Great Pumpkin: Caramel Spiced Apple Ale.

P.S. The new intro song is actually named “Veggiemacabre Reviews” and that makes things a bit more official. Or something like that.

5 thoughts on “They’re Baaaaack! Fall Beer Review 2012

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  1. great stuff, Will.. – my wife’s favorite beer is Blue Moon so there’s a very good chance down the road I’ll get to sample this Caramel Spiced Apple Ale.. – you’re happiness shined through after that first sip.. – wish I was there joining you for some Evil Dead.. – also, that picture at the start of the post with Freddy Krueger.. – what is that? – it sort of looks just like these old G.I. Joe Kleenex packs I used in elementary school and recently refound a few unopened ones in my junk room..

    1. It’s Halloween all the way, this beer is! Ask her how she likes it!
      Brother, one of these days we will be doing a joint review. I can feel this!
      That is actually a magnet of Freddy Krueger with the GI Joe Cobra Enemy logo. Saw it and had to have it!

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