Finally! Right?

Remember that review I promised for Veggiemacabre.TV about a month ago? Well here it is. This is the first Hot Sauce review challenge in collaboration with Review the World. I know it isn’t the most exciting review but we did sacrifice our mouth and stomach lining so BACK OFF! Sorry. Well, look for major changes over at thanks to this new kick off review. And check out my boy Brian’s site over at RtW.

3 thoughts on “Finally! Right?

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    1. Thanks man! Not quiet the same as our beer reviews. Filming a beer review in a bonus to the hot sauce part 2 review tonight. Give you mad shout outs yo!

      1. Thanks mang! One of these days we’ll have to shoot more drunken review fun! Im drinking hard cider right now and thinking of you, just so you know!

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