13 Days of Christmas: Target Hot Sauce Challenge!

Holy crap I am late but I am here! Apparently Final Cut wanted to be a real asshat and wouldn’t render this video unless I talked to it in baby-talk. Weird, I know.

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The first episode of the 13 Day Christmas Countdown we discuss novelty gifts. You know, the under $20 gifts that you have to bring to holiday parties for dumb games like “Dirty Santa” or “White Elephant”? The type of gifts that twelve-year olds give their siblings who they can’t stand? The crap that is re-gifted nine times until finally someone gets the motivation to throw it away? Ah yes, the Christmas novelty gifts that makes up for 14% of annual Christmas sales.

But there is one gift I might be able to dance with and that is Target’s Hot Sauce Challenge set that ranges from mild to “Blazing Butthole”. (Just kidding about the butthole) Still, unlike 2013’s disappointment of hot sauces I reviewed, this promises something different. A challenge, so to speak. And I accept.

Lucky for me, I enlisted the help of Laura who is by far one of the most easygoing people you will ever meet. What better person than to help me do a hot sauce challenge because those who get upset easily probably shouldn’t be forced to ingest acid and asked how they feel on camera.

Watch and see how this $13.99 pack of ten hot sauce challenge gift compares to the gourmet versions I have come to love. And stay till the end because we do one bonus hot sauce that DJ D almost died over. I will say, that kinda upset Laura. Ah, she’s a trooper.

ALSO! Be sure to like this review, comment below or hashtag #13daysofchristmas and I’ll toss your name in the hat for one of 13 boxes of neat stuff and send it right to you! FREE AWESOME PRESENTS!

Review the World Takes On Some Heat

This was a very happy moment for me in my many years as a blogger and new webmaster. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to connect as a long time fan of a page and see that you are somehow apart of it. And oddly enough hurt the members that I spend several hours of web-observance watching. Brain, I mean Brian, is the creator of Review the World TV, Go!, The BroCave, and other such entertaining web-programs all viewed on Review the World.com. If you have been here before, you know about this very site. Over the past year we have worked on a couple things very loosely but not until recently have we really been able to connect and bring you the joint amazing-ness of….

A collective RtW star cast: Hot Sauce Challenge! Watch and be amazed.


Thanks for letting me be a part of this, Brian. Thank you to Tim, Paul, Jessie, Steve and Adam. You guys rocked this and I can’t wait for another fun review to come.

Finally! Right?

Remember that review I promised for Veggiemacabre.TV about a month ago? Well here it is. This is the first Hot Sauce review challenge in collaboration with Review the World. I know it isn’t the most exciting review but we did sacrifice our mouth and stomach lining so BACK OFF! Sorry. Well, look for major changes over at Veggiemacabre.tv thanks to this new kick off review. And check out my boy Brian’s site over at RtW.

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