Review the World Takes On Some Heat

This was a very happy moment for me in my many years as a blogger and new webmaster. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to connect as a long time fan of a page and see that you are somehow apart of it. And oddly enough hurt the members that I spend several hours of web-observance watching. Brain, I mean Brian, is the creator of Review the World TV, Go!, The BroCave, and other such entertaining web-programs all viewed on Review the If you have been here before, you know about this very site. Over the past year we have worked on a couple things very loosely but not until recently have we really been able to connect and bring you the joint amazing-ness of….

A collective RtW star cast: Hot Sauce Challenge! Watch and be amazed.


Thanks for letting me be a part of this, Brian. Thank you to Tim, Paul, Jessie, Steve and Adam. You guys rocked this and I can’t wait for another fun review to come.

8 thoughts on “Review the World Takes On Some Heat

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  1. Will,

    Thanks for the kind words about the video. Thank you also for mentioning me in your article above, even though I’m always the mysterious “cameraman” referenced on Review the World TV. Glad you enjoyed the video and keep up the good work on your site. There will be a new episode of RTW TV HD coming next week featuring some of the world’s worst dollar store drinks. Be well.

    1. Of course I would include you Adam! We see what you see! You are the one who is in danger with the BroClub, not the viewer!
      Great job as usual. Hope we will be doing more of these soon! I have a Halloween addition I am planning.


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