The 2010 Fall Beer Review: Episode 1

It’s that time of the year again! My liver always tells me so and so do the crisp winds of autumn, pumpkin patches on church lawns, fake severed limbs in a Rite-Aid and NFL dominated Sunday-Fundays. Such a wonderful time to be alive and we celebrate by drinking the seasonal brews that bottle the essence of what makes Fall so great.
This year you will be meeting me in a face-to-face review more commonly referred to as a Vlog. While I had some trepidation with putting my stuffy-nose voice and poor screen presence in place of a written blog, Sierra Nevada Brewery shot me an email asking me to review the Tumbler and suggested a video. I know I’m not the prettiest vlogger but if you drink with us on these reviews, I will get prettier. That’s number 312 of 5 gazillion why beer rocks and should be sewn onto the bottom right corner of our nations flag.
Also, to do this beer review properly I have included a dear friend and fellow blogger, Mike, who is a master brewer himself. As you have read in the past I am a not a beer connoisseur by any stretch. I buy seasonal beer based on the marketing and pretty pictures. Much like how I shop for salsa. So this year I put a little professional taste in the mix and I hope all of you beer snobs will be less irritated with me. (check out his blog. Excellent stuff)
I am happy this 4th annual blog er…vlog, can be something a little different for all you to watch and hopefully enjoy. remember this is a 3 part series and there will be a number of beers that we will be reviewed including some obscure shout-outs. If you can spot the five shout outs (all horror movie references) I will be mailing a prize to the first three who guess right. It’s a good prize too.
So enough of all this reading crap and on to pure visual ecstasy. Turn off your brain…right……NOW!

34 thoughts on “The 2010 Fall Beer Review: Episode 1

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    1. Penn is totally controlled like that and I have no idea why? The greatest drunks I have ever known came from the keystone state. It forces people to the bars. But I do like the drive thru barns where you can buy milk and beer.

  1. I am not a huge beer drinker, so I would probably prefer the first one. It sounds like pie. I live in an alcohol out-of-control state, so I can buy a “roadie” at the gas station or get a “take home cup” for my mixed drink at the tavern or do a “make your own six-pack” of craft beers at the grocery store. I don’t though. Quitting smoking greatly reduced my desire to get shitfaced and do stupid things. First person to call me a grown-up gets their ass kicked.

    The vlog concept is rad. I bet I’m the first person ever to tell you you’re just effing adorable.

    1. First, good for you for quitting! That takes some effort to stop and many don’t make it.
      Second, thank you. 😉

      oh..third, you’re not a grown up at all!

  2. You are SO CUTE. I want to send you a case of beer. Love the video blog “vlog” thingey. Now please explain the pink quilt in the background during your intro.

  3. What’s up Team Hottie Blogger??! Love the video. I learned that you’re good-lookng and maybe pumpkin isn’t the route I should go for my beer selection.

    Make more videos please.

    I do agree with Maleesha who wants to know what’s up with that quilt in the background. Do share.

      1. My mommy made the quilt; she has made me a couple of quilts actually. I dont have any of my quilts in my house…Yes i quilt…

  4. Wow I agree with Vodka and Ground Beef…you are dreamy. I do want to say that I like the video and kudos to you for filming yourself. My favorite part was the seemingly out of place fire extinquisher. Go Team Hottie Blogger!

  5. I heart you, Will. If only we lived closer, we could do a vlog collaboration. You and Mike could review the beer while I stood behind you performing various feminine-hygiene friendly assault techniques.

    We’d have both the male and female demographic eating out of the palm of our hands.

    ps. I just assumed the quilt was your way of giving a “visual shout-out” to Norma Jean…

  6. Line of the day:” performing various feminine-hygiene friendly assault techniques. ”

    Thank You Bschooled for letting my imagination run wild. A video with beer and feminine hygiene..dreams do come true. 🙂

  7. Will! Bud, you killed it! Awesome job on your first “vlog”. I think the key to these things is to be inviting and make your intended audience want to hang out with you. I definitely got that vibe here; I wanted to be sitting in the room with you guys (nice wood paneling, by the way!), trying some brews, and smashing a big bag of pretz. I found your comfortability level grows with each time in-front of the camera. I really thought it was a good watch, though, looking forward to more!

    I just posted my latest beverage review a couple minutes ago — it even features a cameo by my son!:

  8. ”So enough of all this reading crap and on to pure visual ecstasy”
    and indeed it is you sexy sexy man, I mean, yo dude that was rad brah…AWWWWKKKKWAAAARRRD.
    Im back baby, chexk zee blog!

  9. OMG a video!!! You should of seen my face watching this I was grinning like an idiot. I’m going to be telling everybody you know that asshole that doesn’t visit he makes videos now and they are awesome!! I don’t drink but pumpkin ale sounds like something I would buy if I did.

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