I Can’t Decide

I am sorry for my lack of posts and the epic Halloween end but life (real life) has been so busy and tedious that I…lied to you. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. So, I will rock an awesome one from the post vault on my admin page, full of pictures like when I recently went to a redneck bar and witnessed a guy putting most of a salt shaker full of salt on his salad. Oh, and besides that hilarity, they had a free salad bar. They had a free salad bar at a smoke -filled redneck bar. Holy Spakoly!

But before all that, I am in a confused state on which song is this week’s favorite.

Fuck! See? Two great bands and two kick ass songs. I can’t decide. But then again I might be the only person on this planet that is chosing to decide between A Flock Of Seagulls and Iron Maiden. This is coming from a guy that just ordered a cheese burger at a Chinese restaurant. Sometimes it’s not all about the Kung Pao. POW!

10 thoughts on “I Can’t Decide

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  1. Your so sweet I have forgiven you and will forgive you many a times. Sometimes it’s about enjoying the moment and not putting the work into documenting it. Next year they’ll be another Halloween. You’ll see. I would really like to get into a Mr. Rodgers type of speech but I got no more then this for ya. I might have to get a cardigan sweater for the times it’s appropriate to wear one for inspiration.

  2. Okay, come back with more postings soon Billy…and seriously: how was that chinese cheeseburger!?!??! (I ate Chinese last night…good lemon chicken 😉 )

      1. Oh, you also need a blocking device for people who drink and then think they’re clever and full of important things to say.

  3. While i am inexplicably drawn to FOS, I’ll have to side with Maiden here thanks to the song you chose. Have you ever SEEN Nicolas Cage’s Wicker Man? It’s one of those movies where you just have to turn off the damn sound and put in your own dialogue. P.S.: I posted a blog, believe it or not. It’s only been like eight months.

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